September 22, 2019

TELANGANA: Attempts to Falsify Facts of Glorious Telangana Struggle

Kambhampati Sarma

THE CPI(M) Telangana state committee held district-level meetings to mark Hyderabad merger day on September 17. On the day in 1948, Hyderabad State which was under Nizam, was merged with the union of India following the police action.  Celebrating the anniversary of the merger, a number of meetings were held in the districts. Under the auspices of the Greater Hyderabad Central City committee, the anniversary of the Telangana Armed Struggle (1946-52) was celebrated and a meeting was held in Sundarayya Vignana  Kendram in Hyderabad on September 17.

CPI(M) state secretary Tammineni Veerabhadram said that BJP is planning to consolidate their power by instigating religious fanaticism in a majority of Hindus. It does not work for improving the lives of the people, protecting the rights of workers, increasing their purchasing power, implementation of human rights etc.  It cannot give jobs, bring back black money, and under their rule the industrial development and agriculture are in crisis, he said. 

Veerabhadram said that the BJP is undermining the rights of workers. One nation, one election and one language is for one market, he criticised. Political opportunists are inclined to join the BJP and this is a threat to the nation.  During the armed struggle, 10 lakh acres of land under the feudal lords was distributed and people were liberated from bonded labour and these facts should be told to people, he said.

Speaking on this occasion, ex-MLC and eminent educationist, Chukka Ramaiah said that feudal sentiment is still prevalent in the state and fight should be continued against feudalism.  He reminded that under the leadership of the Communists and Andhra Mahasabha, struggle was waged against the Nizam and opined that Police action alone led to the merger of Hyderabad State in the Indian Union.  The agitation did not happen on the basis of religion.  There is love for martyrs Bandagi and Doddi Komariah, he said. Ramaiah added that they worked with Shoaibulla Khan who was murdered by Razakars. “Ordinary people fought against bonded labour. The socialist sentiments of other countries influenced us. Now, if truth is spoken, there is a likelihood of getting booked for sedition by the central government,” he said. He appealed to political parties not to falsify the glorious struggle just because they are in power. 

CPI(M) secretary of Greater City committee, Srinivas, state secretariat members DG Narasimha Rao, Chukka Ramulu and M Saibabu also participated in the meeting.

On the other hand, the state committee of CPI(M) has welcomed the unanimous resolution passed in the state assembly banning extraction of uranium and also made it clear that search for uranium also should not continue. The Party has asked the chief minister to bring pressure on the central government to implement the resolution and also convene a meeting with all political parties, peoples organisations and voluntary organisations who are agitating against the extraction of Uranium.

The central government has given permission for extraction of Uranium in Nallamala forests. Political parties, mass organisations and voluntary organisations and film personalities have opposed this move. In this context, the state assembly has passed a resolution banning extraction of Uranium. Secret surveys happening in Lambapur, Peddagattu, Chitral areas for Uranium are causing worry to the people and this should be stopped forthwith, the Party demanded.

In the past, the promises made by the chief minister in the assembly were confined to papers only. However, now, the resolution should be implemented and the government should act to stop all surveys and extraction of Uranium in the state, the Party demanded.