September 22, 2019

Finance Minister’s Recipe Will only Aggravate Economic Slowdown

CPI(M)  Polit Bureau has issued the following statements on September 15

INSTEAD of announcing a big increase in public investment to build our much-needed infrastructure, at the same, generate employment and thereby boost domestic demand, the finance minister has once again announced measures that in the first place have caused this economic slowdown bordering on recession.

The emphasis on targeting private investment in the realty sector and the effort to boost exports cannot succeed. Global trade volumes are shrinking and houses are not being purchased because of sheer lack of purchasing power among the people.

The Rs 70,000 crore worth of packages announced yesterday, instead should have been put to use in increasing public investment and paying the arrears of the MNREGA which would have boosted the purchasing power in rural India.

The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) calls upon the people to rise in protest against these policies that only favour the maximisation of profits at the expense of growing misery for the people.


Reject Imposition of Hindi


THE union home minister, Amit Shah’s announcement that Hindi should be treated as the national language runs contrary to the spirit of the Indian Constitution and our country’s linguistic diversity. All languages listed in the Eight Schedule of the Constitution are national languages and must be treated equally. Any attempt to impose any one language will lead to the disruption of our country’s unity and integrity.

The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) strongly opposes these efforts which stem from the RSS conception of one nation, one culture, one language.