August 18, 2019

Shed Apathy to Flood Hit States: AIKS

THE All India Kisan Sabha, in a statement issued on August 11, notes with concern the utter irresponsible and insensitive approach of the BJP led central government to the unprecedented floods, loss of lives and property in different parts of the country. In the last few months, large parts of India have been reeling under severe floods that have led to loss of hundreds of lives. Initially in July 2019, heavy rains and floods affected Assam, Bihar and nearby states in which there has been loss of lives and livestock as well as wild animals in the Kaziranga National Park. The floods that hit Assam and Bihar most severely led to the loss of lives of more than 200 people. Large areas of agricultural land were submerged destroying crops and leading to extreme distress for the farmers. Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra are now affected badly by floods and landslides due to excess rainfall. More than 60 people are reported dead in Kerala alone. The state which saw the worst floods in a century last year had met with a very insensitive response from the BJP led central government which did not provide adequate relief nor allowed countries that showed willingness to help to assist the state. The present floods are coming even as the state is yet to fully recover from the destruction of the last floods. The death toll from floods in Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra has crossed 120. Karnataka has seen the death of more than 25 people and about 2.5 lakh have been evacuated. Heavy rains have disrupted life in 16 of the 30 districts in the state. In Maharashtra, about 30 people have been killed in floods just in the last one week in Kolhapur, Sangli and Satara districts which are worst affected. Parts of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Goa are also reeling under the floods. All states have seen widespread destruction of crops, houses, roads and livelihoods. The threat of epidemics is also looming large.

While people of the country are facing such extreme distress, the central government led by the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are acting oblivious of the crisis of such a magnitude. The centre is discriminating against all the affected states by not coming up with active support and financial as well as material help letting the states to almost fend for themselves. We have seen their callous and discriminating role against Kerala during the floods last year. AIKS calls upon the BJP government to shed such an approach and assist all states as per the needs of each of them.

In circumstances of unprecedented rains and destruction in floods, all well-meaning and concerned citizens of India as well as people across the globe are coming forward to help. However, in a brazenly shameless and inhuman manner, the Sangh Parivar is campaigning against contribution to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund. AIKS calls upon all to expose this diabolic campaign and isolate these forces politically. AIKS calls upon all its units to take part in relief and rehabilitation and provide support to the distressed people and defeat the divisive campaign of communal hatemongers. AIKS is confident that the peasantry and toiling masses will foil their conspiracy through united action and selflessly work in rescue and relief work.