August 04, 2019

Three Killed in Mob Lynching

Ahmad Ali

A DELEGATION of the CPI(M) Bihar state visited Paigambarpur village in Bihar, the native village of Naushad, Raju Nat and Bidesi Nat (all three were lynched on July 19) on July 20. The delegation comprised Awdesh Kumar, state secretary of the Party, Ajay Kumar and Ahmad Ali, state secretariat members and Shivshankar Prasad Rai, district secretary of CPI(M) Saran.


The mob lynching case in which all the three were brutally killed occurred in Pithori village. Raju Nat was an animal trader and had given an advance of Rs 15,000 to Motilal Ram of Pithori village to buy a she buffalo. According to a pre-decided programme, Raju Nat went to the village at 5 am on July 19 and took Bidesi Nat along with him. Naushad’s pickup van(a lorry) was used to transport the buffalo. Naushad’s vehicle was always used to transport cattle by Raju. As the lorry stopped near Motilal’s house, a large number of people who had gathered there attacked them with swords and spears. The three were taken out of the lorry and their hands were tied at their back and then beaten up mercilessly with rods and sticks by the mob. Naushad’s head was cut to half. He died on the spot.

Naushad before being attacked had smelled the danger and had informed his family about the imminent danger looming large. His family had immediately contacted the police station but they did not pay much heed. It was only when people from Naushad’s neighbourhood gathered in front of the police station that the police sent a team to Pithori village. The people have indicted the police for playing in the hands of the perpetrators. They claim that Raju Nat was alive but police took him to the hospital and killed him on the way. This was done to ensure that no witness is left behind to identify the perpetrators.


The CPI(M) team visited the village of the victims and met their family members. The team has made the following observations:

  • Naushad was the target of mob lynchers since long and both the Nat’s came into conflict because they used his vehicle.
  • A week before the incident there was a scuffle between Naushad and Vijay Singh, a local RSS activist, he had threatened Naushad with dire consequences.
  • Four days before the incident Naushad was ferrying his lorry via Pithori village and a few youth stopped him and forced him to chant ‘jai sri Ram’. Naushad refused and the youth spelt that they will wait for an opportunity to strike him down.
  • On July 19, when Naushad and others visited Motilal Ram’s house at 5 am, the mob had gathered there even before their arrival. Motilal was calling Raju Nat since 3 am in the morning to take the cattle.
  • The mob was led by same Vijay Singh who had a scuffle with Naushad a week ago.
  • The role of the police far from being neutral looks highly partisan.

It looks like the administration is trying to hush up the matter as cattle theft and not that of mob lynching with communal colours.


The administration is terming the incident as murder of cattle thieves, whereas it is evident that both the Nat’s were cattle traders and came to buy the buffalo, an advance was already given to the seller. They were sustaining their families with this trade. No compensation has been awarded to the families of the victims. Neither have they been given any security cover.

Awadesh Kumar while addressing the villagers in Paigambarpur said that the Party will stand besides them and will fight against the terror spread by the perpetrators and against the lackadaisical attitude of the administration and the government. He said the following demands will be raised in front of the government:

  1. A high level inquiry may be conducted into the entire incident.
  2. A compensation of Rs 20 lakh each may be provided to the family of the victims.
  3. Strict action may be taken against the erring police officials who deliberately did not reach the spot on time.
  4. The government may take the responsibility of nurturing the children of Raju Nat.
  5. The main conspirator may be arrested immediately.
  6. The case may be transferred to a fast track court.
  7. RSS and Bajrang Dal actitivites may be checked and they should not be allowed to spread communal venom.