Vol. XLIII No. 23 June 09, 2019

Telangana: CITU Golden Jubilee Celebrations Begin

Kambhampati Sarma

THE golden jubilee celebrations of CITU, began in Sundarayya  Vignana  Kendram  on May 30. Chukka Ramulu, the Telangana state president of CITU, presided over the meeting. In this context B V Raghavulu, former secretary of CITU of the combined state said that the building of socialism is possible only by working class and the present defeats are only temporary. He was speaking on the topic “world economic crisis and contemporary socialism”.

B V Raghavulu said that the capitalist system is always plagued by crisis and is going to decay and die and socialism will ultimately triumph. With the collapse of Soviet Union the capitalists propagated that socialism has died but the present working class, world wide is looking towards socialism. The movement of working class is being built in that direction. He reminded that socialism was not realised during the life time of Marx, but was built by Lenin and Stalin. The present struggles are for the sake of socialism and they will never go waste. Growth of unemployment, exploitation of labour and creation of new needs for the people like smart phones, and cell phones are the natural qualities of capitalism.

At the time of Marx there used to be crisis in capitalism every 10 years and now it is being repeated. In capitalist system wealth is in the hands of few individuals and companies, but in socialism it will be distributed to working class and for the welfare of the society.  At present the capitalist system is thriving on ‘real estate’, and the limited land is being sold and profits are being made. If the commodities are not sold there is no capitalism and in our country only two per cent of the 130 crore people are being considered as capitalists.

He cautioned that NDA is back in power and in the coming five years   actions will be taken to snatch the rights of working population. He called on the working class organisations to be above politics and organise united struggles and defeat the conspiracies of the government and the capitalists. Earlier, Sudha Bhaskar, the national vice–president of CITU spoke on “hundred year’s working class-struggles and sacrifices and 50 years march, and unity of working class.” He explained the integration of working class struggles with national movement. P Raja Rao, vice-president speaking on the occasion   said that there is a huge task in front of the working class.

CITU ex-president, S Veeriah said that after 1970, united struggles have come on the stage and the CITU played key role in it. The general secretary of state CITU, M Saibabu explained the important events in CITU and struggles from its inception. Chukka Ramiah, educationist and activist, wished that working class should go forward with new vigour.