Vol. XLIII No. 23 June 09, 2019

SFI Opposes Three Language Formula

THE Students Federation of India(SFI), through a press statement released on June 2 has responded to the proposed draft National Education Policy released by the HRD ministry. It has opposed the idea of the imposition of three-language formula from primary level of school education. The SFI does not stand as pro or anti to any language as the multi-linguistic nature of India should always be exercised and celebrated. The SFI has stated that it wants the government to step forward to preserve and care for each and every regional language to celebrate the linguistic diversity of India. The imposition of Hindi over regional languages will not bring any glory to our nation and even to the language of Hindi.

The democratic movement as a whole in India always fought to preserve and care all regional and indigenous languages across the country. It was also an important characteristic of the freedom struggle. The development of those languages is an important key to the development of our nation from top to bottom.

The SFI has called for the unity of Hindi and non-Hindi speaking people against this chauvinism and imposition which will cut the basic idea of 'unity in diversity'. The government must roll back this disturbing initiative. The SFI has given a call to all democratic progressive people to stand against this decision. The narrow definition of nationalism by the imposition of any one language needs to be resisted by tooth and nail.