Vol. XLIII No. 23 June 09, 2019

No to Three Language Formula

CPI(M) Polit Bureau has issued  the following statements on June 2, 2019
THE Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) is unequivocally opposed to the  imposition of the three-language formula from primary level of school education as proposed in the Draft National Education Policy released by the HRD ministry. The CPI(M) is of the firm opinion that the  
opposition is not to any particular language but for ensuring the opportunity for all Indian languages to develop and thrive.

In response to this insensitive idea contained in the draft, there has been widespread reaction particularly from the southern states. The CPI(M) strongly feels that such forcible imposition will only lead to  feelings of linguistic chauvinism detrimental for the unity of our people and the country.

Stung by the strong criticism, the government has issued a   clarification to the effect that the document is only a draft. Given the extremely sensitive nature of the issue, the government must withdraw the current draft and come out with a fresh one setting the controversy to rest.

The Polit Bureau appeals to all democratic and right-thinking citizens, organisations, groups and individuals in the education and cultural sphere to raise their voice to force the government to roll back this disturbing initiative.


Counter US Bullying

THE decision of the United States to end preferential terms for India under the Generalised System of Preference is unwarranted and uncalled for.

This is part of a series of measures on US-India trade initiated by the Trump administration, to coerce India into accepting favourable trade terms for the United States. Earlier, the US had imposed increased duties on steel and aluminum imports from India.

Though the announcement was made in early March about this impending step, the Modi government did nothing to prevent or counter this move. Like in the case of the US prohibition to buy oil from Iran, now too the Modi government is adopting a surrenderist approach.

This makes a mockery of “nationalism” tomtommed by Narendra Modi and BJP, which stops operating when it comes to US diktats.