Vol. XLIII No. 22 June 02, 2019

KERALA: CPI(M) State Secretariat on Election Results

The following is the statement issued by the Kerala State Secretariat of CPI(M) on May 25

THE defeat in Lok Sabha elections in Kerala is a temporary setback for the Left. Party committees from state committee to booth level committees will review this in detail and will find out the reasons and the lapses. The Party will take corrective measures, whatever necessary, to regain the confidence of the people.

Party approached the people on the basis of the tactical line which intended to defeat the BJP alliance, increase the strength of the CPI(M) and the Left in the Lok Sabha and to ensure that an alternative secular government is formed at the centre. The Left could successfully propagate the danger posed to society if the Modi government returned to power.

But the benefit of this campaign went to the UDF. Different sections of society cast their votes in favour of UDF on the basis of their understanding that only Congress can form an alternative government at the centre. This approach based on national politics is the major factor which influenced this verdict. The Left could not effectively convince the people about the need to strengthen the Left in the country and make them aware of the actual strength of the Congress at the national level. 

Preliminary finding is that there was an erosion in the traditional vote base of the Left in the state. The figures show that the right wing forces succeeded in misleading a section of the believers among them. The Party would examine the reasons which led to this erosion. 

The Party will seriously examine the lapses and will unitedly take all corrective measures to regain the support of the people.