Vol. XLIII No. 20 May 19, 2019

CPI(M) Getting Good Response in Campaign

Dharam Prakash Gupta

THE CPI(M), which has fielded Dalip Singh Kayath as the Party candidate from Mandi parliamentary seat of Himachal Pradesh, is making a determined effort to tilt the election in favour of lakhs of toiling masses of the state.

The polling in Mandi , the second largest parliamentary constituency of India , would be taken up on May 19, in the last phase of parliament election and CPI(M) is leaving no stone unturned to defeat the candidates of the BJP- Ram Swaroop Sharma and Congress- Asharay Sharma, and work for the victory of Daleep Singh Kayath.

The CPI(M) had already begun its campaign well ahead of announcement of the election schedule when the BJP and the Congress candidates were fighting for the ticket. The party had mobilised thousands of people for the rally organised on the day of filing of nomination by the Party candidate at Seri Manch, Mandi. The Party activists also took out an impressive march carrying red flags and raising slogans marching through the bazaar of Mandi, before reaching the Seri Manch, showing great enthusiasm, accompanied by traditional drum beaters.  

The Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M)-Subhashini Ali, the main speaker in the rally in her address attacked the NDA government led by Narendra Modi for adopting neo-liberal economic policies and for communal polarisation of the country. Subhashini Ali said , “ Incidents of mob lynching on communal lines , the great divide based on religion  and attacks on dalits and lower castes have  not only threatened the communal peace in the country, but it has also shamed India’s reputation at the international level.”

The CPI(M) leader also castigated the Modi government for putting common man in great misery  by taking measures like GST , demonetisation, thus  leading to loss of millions of jobs; changing labour laws and adopting anti-working class policies; following anti –farmer’s  policy with  thousand of farmers committing  suicides; anti –youth policy resulting into huge unemployment with millions of unemployed; adopting anti women and adopting pro – capitalists polices showering huge wealth of the country on big business houses.

Addressing the rally, CPI(M) MLA,  Rakesh Singha accused the Modi government of discriminating against the state for  not addressing agricultural crisis and such other vital issues.

CPI(M) candidate Dalip Singh Kayath, while addressing the rally also criticised anti- people polices of the BJP governments at the centre and in the state, and promised to raise people’s issues in the parliament if given a chance.

CPI(M) leaders Kashmir Singh Thakur and Kushal Bhardwaj and a few other leaders also addressed the rally. The Party also organised a public meeting at Bhangrotu on May 8, and has planned another public meeting on May 15, at Joginder Nagar in Mandi district.

In this election the CPI(M) is trying to present an alternative before the voters, to the policies being pursued by both the BJP and Congress.

CPI(M) leaders said, “Faliure of the NDA government to provide funds for MNREGA programme, amending labour laws, dismantling public sector, and demanding implementation of Swaminathan Committee report to save farmers and such other issues is part of our campaign and we are going from door to door to meet voters.”               

The CPI(M) through its manifesto has promised to present alternative policies which include:

* Protecting secular principles and democracy in the country.

* To ensure minimum support price for all agricultural and horticultural      products, and save farmers from agricultural crisis.

* Minimum monthly salary of Rs 18,000 for workers.

* Reaffirming the special status of Himachal Pradesh; seeking special economic assistance from the centre.

* Work to achieve the 7.19 percent share in projects made before the formation of the state.

* To get annual compensation of Rs 1,000 crores from the central government in lieu of maintenance of forests in the state.

* Get 12 per cent increase in share of the power generation in the form of distress cost and get special grants from central government in exchange for river water.

* To ensure adequate compensation under the Land Acquisition Act, 2013 (by using factor-2), four times the compensation.

* To work immediately for effective implementation of shareholding in municipal and forest conservation laws and its better implementation especially in community claims and forest management under section 3.

* Create a policy for regulating the free land of farmers up to five bighas .To provide homes for homeless,  work for provision of two biswas land in urban and  three biswas land to landless  in rural areas.

* To take concerted steps for crop protection from wild animals and stray cattle and to remove the restriction on the export of monkeys and to work for its concrete management.

* Increasing import duty on agriculture and horticultural products.

* Restoration of Old Pension Scheme (OPS) and OROP.