Vol. XLIII No. 18 May 05, 2019

Misuse of Official Machinery

SITARAM Yechury, general secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist) has written to Sunil Arora, chief election commissioner, Election Commission of India on May 1, on the misuse of official machinery by the prime minister for electoral purposes.  Below we publish the text of the letter:

Across the country, there is a growing concern about the manner in which the Election Commission of India is dealing with the complaints regarding the gross violation of the model code of conduct by Narendra Modi. 

Now a web magazine has published an article showing the manner in which government infrastructure and machinery has been brazenly used by the Prime Minister’s Office for securing information from various ministries, as well as, concerned state and district administration to provide inputs for preparing his election speeches.  The article also provides documentary evidence to this effect.

Another web magazine has published an article to provide the grounds which led to the eventual disqualification of Indira Gandhi.  It seems that the violations attributed to Gandhi is of far less import than the current violations vis-à-vis those committed by Narendra Modi.

We would like to pose the same question that we have done in the past.  In dealing with violations of model code of conduct, the ECI appears to be not only halting, but carrying on at a pace which is emboldening the perpetrators and exemplifies the notion of ‘delayed justice’ amounting to its actual ‘denial’! 

Therefore the question is, is Narendra Modi, a BJP candidate from Varanasi constituency in Uttar Pradesh and a star campaigner for the BJP, is needed to be treated differently from the enforcement of MCC for the simple reason that he happens to be the incumbent prime minister?  We are constrained to raise this question because of want of appropriate response from the Commission in the past, which is adequately empowered by the constitution to deal with this in a firm and decisive manner.

We expect an urgent response.