Vol. XLIII No. 24 June 16, 2019

Artistes, Writers from Tamil Nadu vouch for Communists


IT was an impressive culmination of famous film directors, writers and artists of Tamil Nadu, as they raised hands in support of CPI(M) candidate from Madurai constituency Su Venkatesan and against the most undemocratic Modi rule, and appealed the people to oust it.

CPI(M) has fielded Su Venkatesan in Madurai with the support of DMK-led Secular Progressive Alliance. He has been receiving huge support from the people of all walks of life as he is an active writer as well as a committed communist leader in the constituency. He is one of great writers of contemporary Tamil literary world, with massive readers for his recently released novel, Velparai, which cries for the basic life of people of the tribal Tamil land.

As the president of Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers and Artists’ Association (TNPWAA), Su Venkatesan’s contributions are huge. Under his leadership, TNPWAA is in the forefront in support of freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Su Venkatesan is also a member of the state committee of the CPI(M).

With this background, the candidature of Su Venkatesan is very much appreciated by the cultural fraternity. They lauded CPI(M) for fielding a writer as its candidate. They all gathered at a massive meeting in Madurai on April 5, in his support.

S Tamil Selvan, the honorary president of TNPWAA gave the inaugural address where he said “TNPWAA is not having any political background.  In this platform, members belong to various parties. Yet, today, we are gathering here to make Su Venkatesan win the upcoming parliament elections.  We thank the CPI(M), because they got only two seats in Tamil Nadu and yet they allotted one seat to the president of TNPWAA. We cannot find such a happening in our polity.”

Various directors, artists, cine song writers participated. They all came here to campaign for him while the situation in our country is such that the artists who are raising their discontent against the policies of the government are being threatened and many are being killed.  In such a situation, many artists came here with their own expenses to campaign for the victory of Su Venkatesan, Selvan said.

“The All India Anna Dravida Katchi is raising a question as to why an artist has been nominated for election.  The criticism is very much humiliating to the artists. Those critics are the artists who do not know about politics.  Artists are the most apt persons for politics, since there is no politics without art and writings,” he said.

N Nanmaran, former MLA, in his speech said that Madurai has always respected arts. Quoting many examples, he reminded the public L K Advani’s words where he told the Indian people not to vote for Modi, since his rule is undemocratic and authoritarian.

The director of the film Merku Thodarchi Malai,  Lenin Bharathi, said that this election is the struggle between democracy and authoritarianism.  “Freedom of expression is being denied. Artists are being murdered. Modi came to power by propagating for growth and now picked up the slogan of national security.  Now he is telling he is the chowkidar of our nation. In my film, I showed the position of chowkidar who lost his property to meet the needs of his routine life. If we allow the present rulers to continue, the same situation will arise to each and everyone in this nation,” he concluded.

Dr K  Sivaraman told that in medical terminology ‘golden hours’ are more important for the patient to save his life or from being paralytically attacked. “Today the country is in this condition.  If we miss the golden hours, we can never save the country again. So we appeal each and everyone to give the proper treatment on April 18,” he said.

Senior Actor Ramu,  known as Poo Ramu in his speech said that the All India Artist and Directors Federation has given a call to defeat BJP.  “According to our prime minister, nation means the border and the land. But to us, nation means the people of India. Marxists are protecting the people.  So we must vote for a Marxist,” he appealed.

Director Gopi Nainar said that the artists are feeling the joy a prisoner gets when he is about to get released from the jail. “Artists will always stand by the people, particularly on the side of the communists.  To be frank, as per the Indian freedom movement, our country should be ruled by a communist. But today, anti-secular force is ruling us. We have allowed that gap. Already we should have elected communists to rule us and we should have thrown out the anti-secular forces away from the parliament,” he said.

“Modi is dictating the public on what to eat, how to dress, where to stand, how to socialise etc. This is the fight between fascism and democracy.  Nobody will come to save us and democracy is the only savior. So on April 18 we should poll against fascism. There is nobody other than Su Venkatesan to reflect your feelings and problems in parliament,” Nainar concluded.

Actor Rohini, vice president of TNPWAA, said, “I realise I can use the popularity of being an actress to discuss important issues with the public. For the past few years I have been doing this as service to the society. But for the past four years we have had to conduct so many struggles to protect our rights, our needs. Problems and burdens are being piled on us. We are fighting daily for so many issues,” she lamented.

“Now nearly 600 artists under the All India Artists, Writers, Dramatists  and Directors Federation have given a call to defeat the BJP. This has not happened anytime before this.  They are not belonging to any party. They are purely artists and writers. Why did this situation arise now?  Because dissent voices are being repressed under threat. To put a full stop to this, we have to exercise our voting power. When the people are being oppressed how can we be calm?” she questioned.

Rohini stated that the communists are living for the sake of people, are fighting on the issues of the people. “So we are for Communists. When there is flood in Chennai, the first persons to start relief works were the comrades.  They will be in the first place to resolve the people’s problems,” she said and hoped for the victory of Su Venkatesan.       

Joker film director and writer Raju Murugan said, “I have worked under the banner of DYFI and TNPWAA. Su Venkatesan has been in many struggles including on the Uthapuram issue. This Madurai constituency has sent communists to parliament on some occasions earlier also.  Com P Ramamoorthy was from this constituency alone. Similarly Comrades KP Janaki Amma, Mohan and Nanmaran all are from this constituency.”

Poet and lyricist Kalai Maamani Yuga Barathi said that the artists have been thrown to the streets by the existing rulers and that the rulers should be thrown away to the streets so that we can resume our work.

Poet and vice president of TNPWAA, Nandhalala, said, “India is affected by a cancer which is in second stage.  At this juncture we need surgery. So the voters should vote for communists to save other political parties also.”

Director Karu Palaniappan said, “If we want to save our generation, this election is very crucial and we should vote for this Secular Progressive Alliance under DMK.  India is a nation with plurality. But they are asking us to wear Kaavi and thereby they want to create a singular identity irrespective of our nation’s plurality.”

Su Venkatesan in his speech appealing people to vote for him, said: “There are five writers in this DMK-led Secular Progressive Alliance and it is a pride for Tamil Nadu polity.  The 40 candidates and especially the five writers should win. He said the entire community of intellectuals, historians, judges, writers, directors and artists all stand together to throw away the rule of Modi to save India”.