Vol. XLIII No. 10 March 08, 2019

CPI(M)-CPI State Convention Demands Support to Tenant Farmers

B Tulasidas

LEADERS of the Left parties and the Jana Sena (JSP), and hundreds of farmers who were demanding investment support for tenant farmers under the ‘Annadatha Sukheebhava’ scheme, were arrested on March 2 at Vijayawada. This was done to foil the Chalo Amaravati call given by the Left parties and the JSP.
A state convention of tenant farmers was held at the M B Vignana Kendram, Vijayawada on March 2 by the CPI(M) and CPI. N Rangarao, CPI(M) and K V V Prasad, CPI presided over the convention and the main resolution was proposed by V Srinivasa Rao- CPI(M) Central Committee member. The resolution explained the ground realities in the state, where, out of 43 lakh cultivators, 32 lakh are tenant farmers and hence the actual tillers are predominantly tenants.
The investment assistance under ‘Annadata Sukheebhava’ scheme should be extended to the tenant farmers. They must be given Rs 25,000 instead of Rs 15,000, proposed to farmers. The state government proposed a scheme ‘Annadata Sukheebhava’ through which investment assistance of  Rs 15,000  which includes Rs 6000 from central government, would be made to the farmers who own land up to five acres and Rs 10,000 to those who own above that. The resolution was supported by the other speakers from CPI(M), CPI and various mass organisations.
P Madhu, CPI(M) state secretary lamented the attitude of state government in discriminating against the tenant farmers. He accused the central government for not extending assistance to tenants under ‘PM-Samman’ scheme and criticised that Rs 6000 was a meagre amount to a family. K Ramakrishna, CPI state secretary demanded all assistance to tenant farmers from the governments. Ch Parthasarathi of Jana Sena Party expressed solidarity to the struggle. The convention decided that all the participants will march in a procession to the state secretariat, situated in Amaravati and demand the government to extend investment assistance to tenant farmers.
The police arrived near the venue within minutes and blocked the surrounding roads. As and when the protesters came to the roads, the police arrested them and took them away in police vans. K Ramakrishna, V Srinivasa Rao, Ch Parthasarathi, AP Agriculture Workers Union leader D Subba Rao, Tenant Farmers’ Association leaders Jamalaiah, AP Rythu Sangham leaders Krishnaiah, Kesava Rao, Peddi Reddy and other leaders of various organisations took part in the ‘Chalo Amaravati’ rally before being arrested.
Condemning the arrests P Madhu, JSP political secretary P Hari Prasad, CPI state leader Muppalla Nageswara Rao called upon people across the state to support the protests on March 3. The call was received well and protest actions took place at various towns and mandal headquarters.