Vol. XLIII No. 07 February 17, 2019

Intensified Saffron Terror

Rahul Sinha

JUST within hours of PM Modi's visit to Tripura, attacks took place on CPI(M) MP, MLAs and other leaders. In his speech in Agartala, Modi had claimed that the days of fear,  intimidation are matters of past in Tripura (Darane, Dhamkane Ke Din Khatam Ho Gaye Hain). But within 48 hours of his speech, in two separate incidents MP, MLAs and CPI(M) leaders were attacked by BJP hoodlums. 

On February 10, deputy leader of opposition Badal Choudhury, MP of West Tripura  Sankar Prasad Datta, MLA Sudhan Das, CPI(M) South Tripura district secretary Basudeb Majumdar,  Belonia sub division committee secretary Tapas Datta,  executive member of TTAADC Parikshit Murrasing were attacked several times in Radhanagar,  Dimatali, Srirampur of Belonia. The BJP hoodlums blocked roads with wooden logs, hurled abuses on them, pelted stones and  brickbats on the convoy. The CPI(M) delegation had gone to visit houses of comrades facing attacks  and demolished Party offices with due prior permission from police. 

On Monday, CPI(M) state secretariat member,  MLA Ratan Bhowmik and other Party leadership were attacked  at around  10 am at Bagma of Udaypur  as they went to visit houses of comrades who are facing attacks.

Ratan Bhowmik was hit on his waist with sticks, others were injured too. The car was ransacked. CPI(M) state secretariat  and leader of opposition Manik Sarkar, in separate statements, vehemently condemned these attacks.  State secretariat said, these attacks are part of a plan to continue the atmosphere of terror and make the next parliamentary election a farce. It urged all the democratic minded people to voice protest against these attacks. Manik Sarkar said, these incidents of attacks on elected representatives of the people prove that a jungle rule has replaced the rule of law in the state. Badal Choudhury in a separate press conference asked the PM if this is the example of good governance, rule of law and democracy, the PM had referred to.