Vol. XLIII No. 05 February 03, 2019

PUNJAB: Left Parties Hold Big Rally in Ludhiana

Roshan Lal Moudgil

LEFT Parties -- CPI and CPI(M) have jointly organised a huge state-level rally in Ludhiana on January 28. People from every nook and corner of Punjab participated in the rally. A big section of the participants were agricultural workers, peasants, MNREGA workers, village chowkidars, artisans, industrial workers and daily wage workers. Sitaram Yechury, CPI(M) general secretary, and D Raja, CPI secretary, addressed the rally besides state leadership of both the parties.


Sitaram Yechury, while addressing the rally, condemned the Modi led NDA government at the centre for eroding the credibility and integrity of the constitutional institutions like the Supreme Court, CBI, Election Commission and RBI. He lamented that it will take years to re-establish their reputation. He castigated the BJP government for creating an atmosphere of terror and fear among the minorities, dalits and women by intimidating them on the pretext of cow, love jihad, what to eat, whom to befriend, what to wear and for demanding their rights. He cautioned the people that the Modi government is implementing the agenda of RSS which is a fascist organisation and wants to establish Hindu Rashtra in India which the people will never allow as we are a  unique  example of unity in diversity. He further said that all sections of people whether it is youth, peasants, industrial workers, agricultural workers, women, students and dalits, all are badly affected by the anti-people and anti-nation policies of this government. Yechury explained how this government has been helping a handful of capitalists to maximise their profits. He called upon the people to defeat the communal and pro-corporate Modi government along with its allies like Akali Dal (Badal).


D Raja criticised the Modi government for disrespecting the parliament and Supreme Court on many occasions. He said that the latest examples on how he rushed through the Reservation Bill and how he is criticising the Left Front Kerala government for implementing the Supreme Court’s Sabarimala Temple judgement are before us.

Sukhwinder Singh Sekhon, CPI(M) state secretary, while addressing the rally demanded waiving off of all debts of peasants and agricultural workers in Punjab, allotment of residential plots to agricultural workers, immediate settlement of water disputes, transfer of Punjabi speaking areas to Punjab and transfer of Chandigarh to Punjab. He demanded control over illegal drug trade in the state which is spoiling the lives of youth in Punjab.

Bant Singh Brar, CPI state secretary, demanded Rs 18,000 per month as minimum wage and Rs 600 as daily wage, a financial package of Rs One Lakh Crore to Punjab and punishment to culprits of desecrilege of religious granths. He expressed concern at the rise in atrocities against dalits, minorities and women and demanded that right to employment should be made a fundamental right. 

Raghunath Singh, Bhup Chand Channo, Nirmal Singh Dhaliwal, Lehmber Singh Tagger and Joga Singh, state secretariat members of CPI(M) and CPI also addressed the rally. Gurchetan Singh Bassi on behalf of the presidium thanked the central leaders, state leaders and thousands of participants for the great success of the rally.