Vol. XLIII No. 05 February 03, 2019

Meanwhile in Tripura

Rahul Sinha

AIDWA Rally Attacked in Udaypur

IN a clear symbol of frustration and fear as the people are coming out in growing numbers against the misrule of BJP led government in the state, BJP hoodlums attacked a rally of AIDWA in Udaypur of Gomati district on January 28. 

The organisation had decided to submit a mass deputation to the DM. The demands   included speedy passage of the women’s reservation bill, stopping violence against women, employment for the youth, implementation of the BJP's now forgotten promise of Rs 2000 as social pension, immediate steps to prevent starvation deaths in the state etc. Prior permission from the police was sought and obtained. But in the late evening of January 27, the police cancelled the permission. After the state secretary of AIDWA and member of Rajya Sabha, Jharna Das talked to the DM, he gave permission to hold a rally from a spot merely 200  metres away from his office. When around 350 women gathered at the spot, the BJP hoodlums gathered there. Right in front of the police they broke the mike, threatened of dire consequences if the rally is taken out and used abusive and obscene language against the women. The AIDWA leadership decided to postpone the deputation. But the BJP goons didn’t stop at that. They ransacked, broke the glasses of the vehicles meant for dropping the women at their houses. They put an end to their hooliganism only after Jharna Das talked to the CM asking for his intervention. 

Later at a press conference, the AIDWA leadership said, this government is afraid of the people. The anti-social elements of the ruling party have outraged the modesty of democracy while  the police  and the administration remained silent spectators.


Despite Attacks, People are Coming Out in Protest

Despite the unprecedented atmosphere of terror, attacks and threats, people of Tripura are coming out to protest the misrule of this government in growing numbers with every passing day. Right now the villages and the towns of Tripura are witnessing protest rallies and meetings at the call of the Left Front, CPI(M) and GMP. In Manughat of Dhalai on January 27, BJP goons gathered to attack a demonstration held by the GMP. But defying the terror, the programme continued. Another protest demonstration in Pecharthal of North Tripura was also well attended. CPI(M) Central Committee member Jitendra Choudhury lambasted the government for its attempts to weaken the TTAADC. On January 28, a roaring rally at the call of CPI(M) was organised on six point demands including employment for youth, social pension at the rate of Rs 2000 per month, 100 days of work per year under Tripura Urban Employment Programme etc. A memorandum of demands was submitted to the SDM. In Ganganagar of Dhalai district  too, an impressive rally of tribal masses was organised.  

At Teliamurra of Khowai district and Fatikray of Unokoti, two mass sit-in programmes called by the Left Front saw enthusiastic participation of the people despite all sorts of threats.  In Teliamurra, convener of Tripura Left Front committee, Bijan Dhar said, the proposed constitutional amendments in sixth schedule have nothing new to offer to the people of Tripura. Rather it’s a proof that what the previous Left Front government had already done is still a distant reality for other ADCs of the North East.  Now this government is trying to strangulate the TTAADC by not releasing its due share of funds. The development works of TTAADC, the payment of salaries of its employees are getting hampered as a result.  IPFT had won in the election demanding a separate state.  But now they are silent when ADC is being deprived of funds. 

At Fatikray, CPI(M) Central Committee member Tapan Chakraborty said, TTAADC is the hard earned right of the people of Tripura.  Now this government is depriving it of its due and trying to make it dysfunctional. The central proposal of changing the nomenclature is merely a cosmetic change that won't be of any benefit. We want more power and more funds to the ADC, he said.