Vol. XLIII No. 05 February 03, 2019

CITU Congratulates Defence Employees for the Successful Strike

THE Centre of Indian Trade Unions, in a statement issued on January 25, has heartily congratulated the defence sector civilian employees and their federations for the heroic countrywide three days strike on January 23-25, 2019 in all defence sector production, research and service establishments to defend country’s defence sector production and service network, against the onslaught of outsourcing and privatisation by the present BJP government at the centre.

All the defence employees’ federations including the All India Defence Employees Federation have jointly given the strike call to protest against and resist the most dangerous and disastrous move of the government of India to gradually dismantle the defence production network consisting of 42 Ordnance factories, DRDO, numerous Military Engineering Service (MES) Centres, Army Station Workshops etc through outsourcing of more than 275 products, which are so long being produced by the Ordnance factories,  in favour of private corporates, both foreign and domestic. This move of the government of India has already rendered half of the Ordnance factories becoming redundant, paving way for their closures or sell-out. Many defence procurement deals are also being hurriedly concluded or going to be concluded with foreign companies for supply of aircrafts, naval frigates etc giving rise to big scams and huge loss to the national exchequer.

Around 3.4 lakh civilian employees in the defence sector joined the strike in 42 Ordinance factories, DRDO, numerous Military Engineering Service (MES) Centres, Army Station Workshops etc making the strike almost total on all the three days thereby demonstrating their patriotic determination to resist the destructive policy of privatisation and outsourcing being pursued by the government of India. The entire trade union movement of the country extended full support and solidarity to this strike action by holding rallies, demonstrations along with striking defence sector employees in different parts of the country.

CITU hails the defence sector employees and their federations for the said united countrywide action and urges that united struggle by the working class against such disastrous policy regime must continue till they are reversed and defeated in the interest of the entire nation.