Vol. XLIII No. 04 January 27, 2019

CPI(M) Holds Teacher-Training School for Hindi Belt

HINDI teacher-training school was held at CPI(M) Headquarters, A K Gopalan Bhavan in New Delhi from January 18-22, 2019. 97 comrades from 13 states attended the school. A heartening feature of this school is the presence of youth, who constituted nearly half of the participants. The aim of the school is to train teachers to ensure that all the Party members are imparted education within this year, in at least four basic subjects – Marxist Philosophy, Political Economy, Party Programme and Party Organisation – as decided by the Kolkata Plenum on Organisation. Sitaram Yechury, general secretary of the CPI(M) inaugurated the school and explained the importance of education in the present juncture. B V Raghavulu, Polit Bureau member and in-charge of Party Education Sub-committee, explained the purpose and nature of this school. Subhashini Ali, Polit Bureau member was in-charge of the school and coordinated the conduct of the school.