Vol. XLIII No. 01 January 06, 2019

New Year address of Kim Jong Un for peace in Korean peninsula

IN a New Year address to the country and the world Kim Jong Un-Leader of DPRK marked the continuation of efforts for peace in the Korean region.

Noting that the first historic  DPRK-US summit meeting and talks made a great contribution to ensuring peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the region by making a dramatic switchover in the DPRK-US relations, the most hostile relationship on the earth, he stressed that it is the invariable stand of WPK and the DPRK government and his firm will to establish a new relationship between the two countries, set up a permanent and durable peace mechanism in the Korean peninsula and completely denuclearize it in keeping with the demand of the new century as clarified in the June 12 DPRK-US joint statement.

He said that the DPRK has no intention to persistently entertain the unpleasant past history of the two countries, but a will to put an end to it at an early date and move on towards the establishment of a new relationship, as desired by the peoples of the two countries and demanded by the developing era.

As evidenced by the rapid progress in the inter-Korean relations last year, if there is a will, there is nothing impossible and if dialogue partners boldly get rid of their chronic maintenance, set forth fair proposals in the principle of mutual recognition and respect and approach with correct attitude towards negotiation and determination to solve problems, they would reach a terminal favourable for both of them, he said.

Saying that he is always ready to sit together with the US president anytime in the future, too, he stressed that he would work hard to produce results welcomed by the international community without fail.

But if the US fails to carry out its promise to the world but seeks to force something upon the DPRK unilaterally after misjudging the patience of the Korean people and remains unchanged in its sanctions and pressure upon the DPRK, we might be compelled to explore a new path for defending the sovereignty of our country and supreme interests of our state and achieving peace and stability of the Korean peninsula, he pointed out.