Vol. XLII No. 49 December 09, 2018

CPI(M) Greets RSP National Conference

SITARAM Yechury greeted the 21st national conference of the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) at New Delhi on December 1.

He said that the crisis of global capitalism continues to prove that the answers for human emancipation have to be found outside the framework of capitalism. It is only socialism that can lead the path to human emancipation.

The global crisis is also fuelling the rise and growth of large scale discontentment amongst the people who get affected by severe economic hardships. But this discontentment is being utilised by the rightwing forces and that is why challenges of racism, xenophobia etc., are on the rise. A political alternative to this challenge has to be built and that can emerge only from the Left. Hence the struggle between the Left and the rightwing forces is all the more prominent in the global realm.

While speaking about the Modi government, he said there are four pronged attacks which the people of the country are forced to face under his rule.

Firstly there is an attack on the livelihood of the people through the economic policies pursued by Modi government. There is growing unemployment and agrarian distress continues to haunt the farmers. Demonetisation and the GST have further worsened the working condition of the people.

Secondly, he said that to disrupt the people from the struggles against the government, there is a sharp polarisation being abetted by the Modi government. Various forms of  armed groups of the Sangh Parivar are let loose to spread communal venom in the country.

Thirdly, he said there is a deliberate attempt to undermine and destroy the constitutional institutions in the country. These institutions include CBI, judiciary, election commission etc. This is done so that it becomes easier to convert the secular democratic character of the country into a theocratic one.

Fourthly, India is being pushed to become a junior partner of US imperialism not just for the maximisation of profits for the US companies but also as a major defence partner to purchase arms from the US companies.

It is in this background that it is imperative to defeat the BJP. Simultaneously to build a pro- people alternate, which can only be done by building struggles of the workers and the peasants that will  provide space for a wider unity of the Left and other democratic forces, Sitaram conveyed.

The other leaders to greet the RSP conference were D Raja from CPI, Debabrata Biswas from AIFB, Dipankar Bhattacharya from the CPI(ML) and Satyawan from the SUCI.