Vol. XLII No. 48 December 02, 2018

Telangana Assembly Elections 2018: Bahujan Left Front Manifesto

BAHUJAN Left Front was formed with a scientific understanding and with the view of realising the objectives of Phule, Ambedkar and Marx. BLF feels that 98 per cent of the population constituting the BC, SC, STs and poor sections of upper classes are important for the comprehensive development of Telangana. Socialised Telangana alone will realise the aspirations of the hitherto oppressed social classes. BLF’s aim is to protect Telangana from contractorisation and privatisation which is seriously threatening social justice in the state. No party or alliance has the agenda which is being brought forward by the BLF. It has emerged as the political front of social classes and castes which were oppressed for generations together. BLF opposes gender discrimination and demands punishment for caste hatred and caste discrimination.

There was no social justice and comprehensive development in the united Andhra Pradesh and in the newly formed Telangana. Congress party ruled the state for 45 years and the TDP for 17 years. Now, in Telangana, TRS has been ruling for the last four and a half years. Regional imbalance increased during the rule of the Congress and the TDP. Land reforms were a farce; education and health were corporatised. Unemployment increased. Rural development was neglected. The basic problems cannot be solved without alternate policies in favour of the toiling people.


Agriculture: Adequate capital for farmers through loans from banks and co-operative societies.

Remunerative prices for the products. Market facilities. Seeds Act will be approved and implemented.

All facilities that farmers get will be given to tenant farmers and identity cards will be given to them.

Comprehensive Act for agricultural workers will be implemented. Surplus land of 3 acres will be distributed to each family. Pending projects will be completed and medium and small scale projects will be developed.

Industrial sector:  Minimum wages of Rs 18,000. Labour laws will be implemented strictly. Contract and outsourcing employees will be regularised. Public sector units will be strengthened. Efforts will be made to open closed industries, to develop small and medium industries, and to develop agriculture based industries.

Employment: All government vacancies will be filled, which are 2,50,000. Efforts will be made for implementing reservations in private sector also.

Health: Free medical facility to all poor people. Government health sector will be strengthened. Corporate sector will be regulated.

Public distribution system: Every citizen will have access to PDS. Rice, wheat, pulses and oil will be distributed at the fair price shops.

Decentralisation of power: Local governments will be strengthened. Funds and power will be transferred as per the 73rd constitutional amendment.

Social organisation: People will be enlightened about the evil system of caste discrimination and on the demand of punishment for caste murders and attacks. Reservation for tribals and minorities and backward classes will be increased. Efforts to end gender discrimination and attacks on women will be made, besides efforts for empowerment of women

Secular values: Religion is a private and individual belief. Use of religion for political purposes and interests will be curtailed.

Democratic rights: The right to express dissent and struggle will be revived. Democracy will be revitalised.

Welfare measures of BLF:

Dalits and tribals are far away from land, education, health and physical properties. Funds allocated under the sub plan budget were never expended. Lapses in the SC/ST Sub Plan will be amended. A comprehensive social security act will be brought for agricultural workers, majority of who come from dalits, tribals and other weaker sections. Reservation will be increased from 10 per cent to 12 per cent. ITDA will be established in every district for the development of tribals. Forest rights will be implemented strictly. All legitimate owners will be given documents. Inter caste and inter religious marriages will be encouraged and incentives and protection will be given.

A tribal university will be established.1/70 Act for adivasis and PISA Act will be implemented. Panchyats formed in thandas will be strengthened financially. Lands taken for industries will be handed over to the farmers if industries are not established. Compensation will be given.

Backward classes: Sub-plan will be formulated and funds will be allocated. Efforts for political reservation will be made. Adequate funds will be allocated for corporations and federations. Accident insurance cover will be given to all occupational workers. Site for land and construction of house in the site will be done for all eligible people. Five acres land will be given in every village to toddy workers for growing trees. The occupation will be modernised by establishing industries relating to Neera and toddy products. Ex-gratia of Rs 10 lakhs will be given to those who died in accidents, and to permanently disabled persons. Free education will be given for their children.

Textile workers: Marketing opportunities for textile products will be enhanced. Raw material required will be supplied at subsidised rates. Marketing facilities for handicrafts also will be provided.

Fisheries: Seed fish will be distributed. Compensation will be paid for the loss of fish due to natural calamities and diseases. Boats, nets and other equipment will be provided on subsidy rates. Rs 10 lakhs will be given in case of death due to accidents. Pension will be provided to those who are above 60 years of age.

Shepherds: 10 acres in each village will be allocated for sheep grazing. Non-cultivable lands will be allocated for sheep grazing. Free medical aid through mobile medical vans will be provided. Insurance for shepherds, sheep, and goats will be given and losses will be compensated. Pension will be given for shepherds aged 50 and above. Wool industry will be given importance.

MBC Castes: Wandering (gypsy-nomadic) castes will be identified and special welfare board will be established and funds will be allocated to it. Occupations of all castes will be modernised and training at international standards will be given and market facilities would be provided. More communities will be added to the MBC list. Corporations will be formed. Carpentry and Jewellery making  will be developed as a small industry. Loans at lower interest rates will be provided to small traders with market facilities. Modern dhobi ghats for washermen, equipment and electricity for barbers will be freely supplied. Vacancies in police departments and hospitals will be filled.

Minorities: Sub-plan on the basis of population will be formed and efforts to increase the reservation percentage will be made. Properties of wakf boards will be protected. Urdu will be treated as the second official language and the recommendations given by Sachar, Ranganath and Sudhir Commissions will be implemented.

Physically challenged persons: Pension will be increased to Rs 5000; laws pertaining to disabled will be implemented strictly. Loan facility of upto Rs 5,00,000,  with 90 per cent subsidy will be given. A Commission for disabled will be formed.

Empowerment of women: Reservation for women from all classes will be pushed for. Dowry prohibition and property right acts will be strictly implemented. Fast track courts for preventing attacks on women will be formed. Liquor supply will be regulated and belt shops will be removed. Employment opportunities and residential facilities will be provided for transgenders.

Free power upto 100 units. RTC will be strengthened. One per cent budget will be allocated for RTC.

Education: All government schools will have English as well as Telugu as medium of instruction.10 per cent of the budget will be used only for government schools. Education for all will be the policy.

Youth: One lakh vacant posts will be filled within 100 days. Comprehensive youth policy will be formulated.

Greater Hyderabad: Steps will be taken to improve the infrastructure of the city like roads, drainage, housing etc. Development of 1600 slums will be undertaken. Public transport will be developed. The number of buses will be doubled. (RTC) special budget for the development of old city will be allocated.

Bahujan bhojan canteens: BLF’s aim is hungerless Telangana. Meals will be provided at Rs 5 in these canteens in all villages and towns. Old age pensions of Rs 2000 per month will be given for wife and husband. Single woman will be given Rs 3000.

BLF will strive for eliminating corruption by raising people’s consciousness, for protection of environment, for encouraging sports at village level etc.


2018 Assembly Elections – Telangana


S.No  Candidate Name           Assembly Constituency                    Cast


1)       Khanapur                          Thodasam Bheemrao                             ST

2)       Secunderabad                    Anil Kumar                                  BC

3)       Narsapur                          A Mallesh                                   BC

4)       Miryalaguda                       Julakanti Ranga Reddy                  OC

5)       Huzurnagar                       Sekhar Rao                                 OC

6)       Kodad                              Burri Sriramulu                             BC

7)       Bhadrachalam                    Dr. Midiam Baburao                     ST

8)       Wyra                               Bhukya Veerabhadram                  ST

9)       Sathupally                         Macharla Bharathi                        SC

10)     Sanga Reddy                     B Mallesh                                   BC

11)     Bhuvanagiri                       Mallesh                                      BC

12)     Janagam                           Udatha Ravi                                BC

13)     Ramagundam                     Burra Tirupathi                            BC

14)     Pinapaka                          Nageswara Rao                           ST

15)     Aswaraopeta                     Ravider                                      ST

16)     Nampally                          NKM Laxmikumar                         OC

17)     Patancheru                        Royyala Srinivas                          BC

18)     Dubbaka                          G Bhasker                                  BC

19)     Zaheerabad                       Ramchander                                SC

20)     Nakirekal                          Nagesh                                      SC

21)     Ibrahimpatnam                  P Yadaiah                                   BC

22)     Dornakal                           Ambothu Venkanna                      ST

23)     Paleru                              Bathula Hymavathi                       OC

24)     Station Ghanpur                 Botla Sekhar                               SC

25)     Devarakonda                     Laxman Naik                               ST

26)     Mulugu                                       Thaviti Narayana                          ST