Vol. XLII No. 47 November 25, 2018

Stop Attacks on the People in Tripura

THE CPI(M) has brought out a booklet, “Democracy under Attack: Testimonies from Tripura”,  detailing the wide range of attacks happening in Tripura under the BJP led state government. The booklet was released by Sitaram Yechury, general secretary and Brinda Karat, Polit Bureau member, at a press conference held at Party headquarters, AKG Bhavan in New Delhi on November 17.   

Just a day before, yet another attack led by the BJP took place on Manik Sarkar, former chief minister of Tripura in which 35 people were injured.

Releasing the booklet, Yechury strongly criticised the BJP government in Tripura for unleashing these attacks to suppress the voice of opposition. He said the booklet very elaborately covers 70 such attacks in which the CPI(M) and the Left activists were targeted. The testimonies of the victims are documented in it. There are various levels at which these attacks took place. Five comrades were murdered; hundreds injured and massive destruction of CPI(M) offices and hundreds of houses took place.

After the formation of the government, the state administration has been acting at the behest of the BJP-TUJS government and mounting attacks on offices, properties and individual comrades.

He further stated that another alarming and disturbing issue is that almost all these attacks were carried out in front of the children. One can only imagine the imprint it will have on the young minds. Children have been traumatised for the rest of their lives.  The administration that is supposed to maintain the law and order in the state is itself responsible for abetting such attacks.

Beyond these, another level of attack, Yechury said, has been to destroy the livelihood of CPI(M) workers. During the course of the Left Front government, there were schemes which led to employment generation. In these schemes, people who were employed are now being targeted and supporters of CPI(M) are removed. Attacks are carried on agriculture and farming and the peasants are deprived of their right to their land.

While warning the BJP government in Tripura, he stated that similar thing happened in 1980s during the semi-fascist terror led by the Congress-TUJS combination. The CPI(M) fought back and won the state elections. He said, ‘As long as the colour of blood flowing in our bodies is red, the red flag can never be lowered’. He said the booklet will be taken to the people to expose the real motive of the BJP government.

Brinda Karat said, though no section of the society is left out, but those who voted for CPI(M) were and are specifically targeted. The BJP is communalising the entire atmosphere, targeting and attacking localities where Muslims live. The BJP is even trying to break the unity amongst the tribal and non tribals.