WEST BENGAL: CPI(M) will Build up Sustained Movements

From our Special Correspondent

THE CPI(M) has decided to take up people’s issues and build up sustained movement in West Bengal. A schedule of protracted struggles has been charted out at the Party state committee meeting on July 12-13.

The people of West Bengal are suffering from multi-dimensional attacks on their life and livelihood. Apart from the ongoing attack on democratic rights, destruction of all democratic bodies, the regime of loot has gone berserk. The latest example is that of admissions to colleges, where the seats are being sold in exchange of exorbitant amounts overriding the merit list. The peasants are suffering as they are not getting remunerative prices, and are burdened by loans. Severe unemployment has gripped the state. Attacks on women are happening every day. Unrest is growing among tribals and ethnic communities. On top of all these, West Bengal is witnessing an atmosphere of communal polarisation, seen never before.

CPI(M) has decided to render support to movements of the peasants. On August 1, there will be kisan deputation at block level. On August 9, there will be a jail bharo at the call of Kisan Sabha, which will be joined by trade unions and other Left mass organisations. On August 28, trade unions will organise protest demonstration in Kolkata. Thousands will join the Delhi March on September 5. From the second half of September, all Left organisations will organise jathas throughout the state. These jathas will take up the issues of people. A detail programme will be planned by the BPMO. Apart from these, local level struggles will be organised in all districts.

CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury, addressing the state committee meeting, emphasised on building up local level struggles, based on immediate issues of the people. The people must be mobilised in local areas to fight against both the TMC and the BJP. That is the only way to break polarisation.

CPI(M) state secretary Suryakantha Misra, briefing press persons after the meeting, alleged that the TMC is helping the BJP to grow in Bengal. In the TMC regime, RSS has been able to increase its strength manifold. BJP and the central government agencies have remained inactive in exposing chit fund scams. TMC and the BJP are out to communally and politically polarise the society to squeeze out Left progressive forces.


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