DUJ Demands Risk Insurance Cover for Journos

THE Delhi Union of Journalists, at an extended executive meeting on June 25, expressed deep shock, anger and anguish at the assassination of Shujaat Bukhari, outstanding journalist and editor/owner of The Rising Kashmir.

The DUJ called for an immediate investigation into the murder of Bukhari and the forces and motives behind it, so that other journalists are not exposed to similar attacks. DUJ has demanded due compensation from the state government for Bukhari’s family. It salutes the courage of fellow journalists in Kashmir who continue to pursue the profession in the face of utmost danger. Their voices must not be silenced.

Tributes to Bukhari’s courage, balanced outlook and commitment to journalism, democracy and peace were paid at the DUJ meeting by several people. Messages of condolence and solidarity from the All India Newspaper Employees Federation, the West Bengal Newspaper Employees Federation,   the All India National Alliance of Journalists and the All India Lawyers Union were read out.

Since attacks on journalists are on the rise, DUJ has demanded that the government introduce in the forthcoming session of parliament a law for the protection of journalists that provides for security and an end to impunity for those who target journalists. The law must also provide risk insurance cover and compensation for journalists and their families who are targeted.



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