Vol. XLII No. 24 June 17, 2018

ASHA Workers on Indefinite Strike in Haryana

The ASHA workers of Haryana are on an indefinite strike since June 7 as the agreement between them and the state government arrived on February 1, 2018 has not been implemented as yet.

The CITU Haryana state committee has supported the strike of the ASHA workers and will participate in the court arrest call on June 15. The CITU has asked its unions to participate in large numbers to make the call a success.

The Haryana CITU state committee has strongly condemned the state government for not releasing the notification of the agreement with the ASHA Workers Union. The CITU has demanded that the February 1 agreement with Asha workers should be implemented in toto.

Satbir Singh, president, Vinod Kumar working president and Jai Bhagwan general secretary of CITU Haryana committee have stated that more than four months have passed but still the agreement is not being implemented. The health minister and the chief minister have made statements on April 26 and 27 congratulating the workers for an increase in their salary. But till date the notification has not been released. This has forced the ASHA workers to give a call for indefinite strike. The government has betrayed the ASHA workers.

The ASHA's work hard to implement the government schemes at the ground level, but the government is not honouring the agreement signed with the ASHA workers. Since June 7, all the ASHA's are on strike. This has affected the rural health services in the state. It seems that the government is in deep slumber and is not concerned about the health services in the state. The CITU demands that the agreement arrived at on February 1 be implemented and notification is issued at the earliest.