Vol. XLII No. 23 June 10, 2018

CPI(M) Releases Booklets on Four Years of Modi Govt’s Misrule

CPI(M) brought out four booklets which describe the ‘Four years of Modi Government’s misrule’ and ‘why it has to end’. Releasing the booklets on June 1, a press conference was held at the CPI(M) headquarters which was addressed by Sitaram Yechury, general secretary  and Brinda Karat, Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M).

Sitaram Yechury while introducing these booklets stated that this government must go as it has mounted unprecedented burdens on the people. The conditions of the common people have deteriorated very badly in these four years. Demonetisation, GST has robbed the people and benefitted the corporates in the country. He also spoke about the private armies being run by the BJP who are ruling the roost and terrorising and intimidating the minorities, tribal and the dalits. Rampant communalisation of education, conversion of the study of Indian philosophy into the study of theology, severe attack on parliamentary democracy and on voices of dissent – are the hallmarks of this rule. The Modi government has become an ally of the US and also a major US defence partner. India is now obliged to provide all services to US for its military design. The economy has been opened to foreign capital. The manner in which Walmart has entered the retail trade market by buying flipkart and entering e-commerce will be extremely perilous for the small traders and retailers in the country. According to conservative estimates, the non-performing assets (NPAs) have reached an alarming state.  All these developments amount to a threat on the livelihoods of the people and integrity of our nation.

Brinda Karat explained the four booklets. The first one is on the economic situation of the country which is in shambles. There is more hype than benefit for the people. She termed the present government as the government of profiteers and there is nothing for the youth than asking them to sell pakodas. Corruption is flourishing at its peak under the Modi regime. While explaining the booklet on the attack on the political structure of the country, she narrated how the constitution has been diluted and is being dismantled. The Sangh Parivar has virtually taken over important positions in the country and there is a severe blow to the federal structure. The third booklet gives a description about the promises made by the BJP and the complete betrayal of them. Special focus is laid on the social aspects of the four years of misrule, in the booklets. There is an unprecedented attack on adivasis, dalits and minorities. Besides this, the economic policies have been so framed that even the reservation benefits have been diluted. Circulars have been issued from the centre to negate reservation. In higher education, rights of dalits are being snatched away. The fourth booklet is on the endangered lives and futures of the people. The four years period shows how students are being sacrificed to private greed and saffron agenda. How the health of the people is being compromised to benefit the healthy corporates while the masses ail. The food security in the country has been the worst hit in these four years.

Overall, the government is becoming a facilitator of this loot of the people, simultaneously spreading lies to veneer its four years misrule.