TRIPURA: Left Front Organised Mass Sit-in Programme at Agartala

Rahul Sinha

Almost three months after the BJP-IPFT government assumed office in Tripura, the Left Front on May 25, had organised a mass sit-in programme at Agartala to lodge its protest against the overall anti-democratic atmosphere prevailing in the state; demanding immediate halt to the fascist like terror by the ruling parties;  for halting the selected demolition of the offices of the opposition parties and trade unions; for speedy measures to check the scarcity of food and work in tribal and rural areas and for ensuring rule of law in the state.

Though the Left Front had asked for permission to organise the programme weeks in advance, the permission was granted only in the afternoon of May 24th. Even after that, the police repeatedly pressurised the Left Front leadership to defer the programme.  However, as the Left Front remained steadfast and determined to go ahead with the programme, the police had to finally give permission in the late hours of May 24th. 

All these prevented a proper campaign to ensure mass participation in the programme. In spite of that, people in hundreds of numbers gathered at Orient Chowmohoni. The number of chairs hired turned out to be inadequate to accommodate all.

The gathering was addressed by the leaders of Left Front including leader of opposition Manik Sarkar, Left Front convenor Bijan Dhar, AIFB leader Raghunath Sarkar, CPI leader Milan Baidya and RSP leader Gopal Das.

Manik Sarkar said, “As the morning shows the day, the two and a half months of the new government is showing where they wish to lead the state in the next five years. People have started venting out their apprehension and many are actually repenting the decision to bring BJP to power. After March 3, an unprecedented reign of terror has been unleashed  and the autocratic attitude of the government is unfolding.  We had humbly accepted the result of the election and had assured the government that we shall play the role of a constructive opposition.  But the government and the ruling parties are mounting attacks on all the democratic and fundamental rights to dissent,” he said.

Manik Sarkar noted that before the election they had given people all sorts of promises and the PM, along with a battery of central ministers, had time and again repeated those promises to the people.  But after the election, they are proving that it is easier said than done when it comes to fulfilling promises. PM Modi himself before the 2014 election had promised almost everything under the sun. But after four years nothing has been realised. Manik Sarkar said, it is out of fear that people will soon start questioning about implementation of the promises of their vision document, the BJP is trying to silence the opposition by unleashing terror. But they remember that situation changes. The cloud cannot eclipse the sun forever. It will shine again. The government must take steps to stop these fascist like terror.  For all the demolished Party offices, the lands must be returned and compensation must be paid for the demolition. In rural and tribal areas, shortage of food and work is becoming acute. The government must act to improve the situation. Otherwise the people won't take this lying down long.

Left Front convenor and CPI(M) state secretary Bijan Dhar enumerated the attacks perpetrated on the Left and opposition in general since the result of the assembly election.  BJP and RSS are like dreaded Nipah virus he said. It is out to destroy the tribal non-tribal unity in the state. He questioned as to why these attacks are taking place, and said that it is because the government doesn't believe in democracy. 


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