MAHARASHTRA: Jati Anta Sangharsh Samiti Holds Nagpur Dist Convention

Harshal Deshpande

HIGHLIGHTING the significance of inter-caste marriages in building a casteless society, the first Nagpur district convention of Jati Anta Sangharsh Samiti, held on May 12, felicitated fourteen inter-caste couples and presented them with Certificates of Honour drafted by a well-known writer of Maharashtra, at Vidarbha Hindi Sahitya Sangha in Nagpur district.

Organised under the direction of Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch (DSMM), the convention has received an overwhelming response from all the progressive sections of the district for stressing on the need to annihilate the caste system that has socially and psychologically enslaved millions of toiling masses of this country.

The chief invitees Badal Saroj, DSMM leader from Madhya Pradesh, and Shailendra Kamble, Maharashtra state convenor of Jati Anta Sangharsh Samiti, inaugurated the convention. Anil Nagrale, noted social worker of Nagpur, presided over the session.

Throwing light on the plight of the systematically targeted and oppressed dalit masses, Badal Saroj condemned the dilution of SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act by the Supreme Court.  “The Atrocity Act which was a savior of the SC, ST communities has now been diluted and made toothless by an organ which is supposed to be the guardian of democracy and constitution of this very country,” Saroj said.  He also congratulated the inter-caste couples for their contribution to the struggle to end caste discrimination in the country.

Referring to the recent attacks on dalits of Bhima Koregaon, he said, “No action was taken against the culprits Milind Ekbote and Sambhaji Bhide, who incited mob frenzy. The state government’s inaction exposed its casteist and sectarian attitude against dalits”.

“Today, an attempt is being made to implement Manusmriti in the country. BJP ministers are openly declaring that they have come to power to change the constitution and create a Hindu nation. Attacks on dalits and the minorities are being intensified by the Sangh Parivar Brigade”, added Saroj.

Calling for the unity of progressive, democratic and Left forces to expose and end the casteist and communal agenda of RSS-backed BJP government at the centre, Shailendra Kamble, has appealed to build up a struggle against caste discrimination and oppression. He also appreciated the organisers for holding the convention and for encouraging inter-caste marriages.

The convention unanimously elected a body of 29 members including Naresh Wankhede, Bhimrao Chikate and other active members from various organisations.



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