DELHI: CPI(M) Protests against Murder of Democracy in West Bengal

HUNDREDS of CPI(M) activists gathered at the office of Resident Commissioner of the government of West Bengal on May 16, 2018, to protest against the murderous attack  on CPI(M) cadres in the state. In the recently held panchayat elections more than 40 people were killed. Among them large number were from minorities, dalit and tribal communities. Addressing the gathering, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat said that this Mamta Brand Murder of Democracy has two aspects. The first is the use of all the institutions of the state to crush and kill all those who are opposed to Mamata Banerjee and TMC. The second is to impose a reign of terror to prevent the opposition, especially the Left from participating in the electoral processes.  Despite these heinous acts, the people were not cowed down and fought back the TMC goons at many places.  Speaking at the gathering, CPI(M) Delhi state secretary K M Tiwari expressed solidarity with the fighting comrades and people of West Bengal. CPI(M) Delhi state committee has condemned the brutal attack on its cadres and common people in West Bengal by TMC and its goons. 

The memorandum given to the resident commissioner has condemned in strongest terms the cold blooded murder of CPI(M) and Left activists and supporters by the ruling Trinamool Congress in the just concluded panchayat elections in West Bengal. Hundreds of Left voters and sympathisers have also been injured in these heinous attacks. In some areas, non-Left opposition parties were targeted as well. Prior to this, the ruling Trinamool Congress has resorted to large scale violence to stop opposition candidates from filing nominations. This ensured for the TMC 34 per cent uncontested seats. Where opposition candidates managed to file nominations, the TMC resorted to open threats and pressure to force them to withdraw from the fray. The final act of this macabre drama was played out on the election day.

The memorandum also noted that a free and fair poll was made impossible given the scale of violence unleashed with such active involvement of the TMC-led administration.  Large scale booth capturing by TMC goondas took place across the state. What was played out had been noted strongly by both the Kolkata High Court and the Supreme Court.  However, none of the specific directions by the judiciary were implemented by the administration and police.  The role of the State Election Commission was obnoxious and the distinction between the TMC, the state government and the SEC were completely obliterated. 

The nature and spread of the violence betrays the desperation of the TMC to somehow retain its hegemony in the state. Despite this all encompassing violence, intimidation and terror, there are significant reports of spontaneous resistance by the people.  The CPI(M) and the Left are  in the forefront of resistance and protest.

The memorandum underlined that the CPI(M) and Left will not be intimidated by such heinous violence and repression. It will fight back with the support of all democratic and peace loving forces and individuals throughout the country and defeat the reign of terror unleashed upon the people of West Bengal by the Trinamool Congress.


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