Vol. XLII No. 13 April 01, 2018

Struggles Shall Build Atmosphere for Defeat of Anti-People BJP Regime

Vijoo Krishnan

MASSIVE struggles by the All India Kisan Sabha in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh and elsewhere were preceded by a build up of independent and united struggles in the past four years. The recent successes of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Karnataka peasantry have generated an electrifying impact on the peasantry and all democratic sections with the Maharashtra Kisan Long March undoubtedly catching the imagination of the peasantry and people. It is in such a context that the first Central Kisan Committee (CKC) meeting of AIKS after the 34th All India Conference of AIKS was held on March 18-19, at Delhi. The quick celebration of victories was followed by a serious appraisal of the political, socio-economic and agrarian scenario in the country and a detailed course of struggles for the six months have been chalked out.

First and foremost, the CKC noted that there has been a sinister campaign and barbaric attacks launched by the RSS-BJP and IPFT in Tripura on the masses, activists of the Kisan Sabha, Tripura Gana Mukti Parishad and other mass and class organisations, the Left Parties as well as destruction of offices and houses of activists of our organisations and Left Parties. The CKC called for the observation of Tripura Solidarity Week from April 2-8, against the atrocities and attacks on democratic rights after the election results. It also decided to send a delegation comprising of all India office bearers, members of parliament and other elected representatives and artists, writers etc to Tripura in solidarity with the struggling people of the state. This will be decided in consultation with Tripura unit.

An intensive campaign on experience of peasant struggles in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Karnataka has been planned. A booklet explaining the inspiring experience of struggles will be made available to all states and they will organise suitable form of campaign to propagate the achievements of peasant struggles and the leadership role played by AIKS as well as its significance in the present political scenario. The Bhumi Adhikar Andolan fact finding report on attacks and lynching in Haryana and Rajasthan in the name of cow has been prepared and this was released at the national convention and photo exhibition held on March 20-21, at Constitution Club. Victims of planned attacks by barbaric cow vigilante groups, social activists and representatives of 12 political parties barring BJP and Congress as well as communal parties attended the convention.

The CKC decided on intensifying independent and united struggles in a systematic manner.


Delhi Protest March, April 3

On April 3, the first death anniversary of Pehlu Khan, a dairy farmer who was murdered by cow vigilantes the Bhumi Adhikar Andolan will organise a protest march at Parliament Street against such attacks, the apathy of the State, on the stray cattle menace and restrictions on cattle trade.

Pol Khol – Halla Bol Agitation on May 23

On the occasion of 4th anniversary of Narendra Modi government, the Jan Ekta Jan Adikar Andolan (JEJAA)  has called for ‘Pol Khol – Halla Bol’ (expose Modi government and protest) agitation on May 23, with massive protest marches at state as well as national capital along with week-long campaign from 17th to 23rd May 17-23. The campaign will expose the betrayal of promises made to the people in the election manifesto of BJP. Leaflet distribution, cycle/vehicle jathas/rallies and public meetings and demonstrations exposing the betrayal and in support of the demand charter will be held.

Submission of 10 Crore Signatures and Jail Bharo on August 9

Against the betrayal of promises of providing MSP for all crops at 50 per cent above cost of production, comprehensive loan waiver scheme, monthly pension and against restrictions on cattle trade, as well as failure of Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) a campaign of collecting 10 crore signatures will be organised in the months of June-July. The collected signatures will be submitted to the prime minister through the district magistrate/collector on August 9. Two lakh volunteers will participate in this jail bharo struggle at state and district headquarters. The CITU has decided to also extend support and actively participate in this programme in solidarity with the peasantry.

Indefinite Sit-In Strike in front of Parliament

The CKC decided to organise an indefinite sit-in strike in front of the parliament on  August 1, by joining hands with member organisations of AIKSCC and BAA in support of the main demands like MSP at 50 per cent above cost of production, freedom from indebtedness, protection of the right of peasantry on cattle trade, comprehensive land reforms, Rs 5000 monthly pension, against all forceful acquisition of agricultural land and such other demands.

Kisan-Mazdoor Sangharsh Rally on September 5

A historic rally signifying worker-peasant unity and organised resistance to neo-liberal economic policies and communal as well as casteist forces will be held on  September 5. In a never-before kind of show of solidarity lakhs of peasants, agricultural workers and workers will take part in the kisan-mazdoor sangharsh rally. All mass and class organisations as well as democratic forces will have to contribute to ensure the success of this action plan.

Local Struggles on Burning Issues of Peasantry

As part of the plan to intensify peasant agitation, consistent massive struggles in States on burning problems of the peasantry will be launched. In addition to the All India issues, State units will identify relevant local issues too and undertake series of struggles which will include indefinite fast, road/rail blockade, picketing of civil stations and secretariat etc.

Consolidation and Expansion of Organisation

In line with the call of the 34th All India Conference of the AIKS “Kisan Sabha in Every Village; Every Kisan in Kisan Sabha” the CKC has called to make greater efforts to enrol membership reaching out to maximum number of peasants. A special call for collection of a struggle fund of Rs.5 Crores has also been made for future expansion of organisation, consolidation of gains of struggles, strengthening cadre base all over the country and to intensify struggles in a consistent manner. The 83rd Foundation Day of the AIKS will be observed across the country with flag hoisting, lectures, seminars etc on April 11.

AIKS president Ashok Dhawale presided over the meeting. AIKS joint secretary N K Shukla placed the condolence resolution. General Secretary Hannan Mollah placed the report and after discussion by incorporating necessary suggestions made by CKC members the meeting adopted it and took the above decisions. Coming days are days of intense struggles. It will create an atmosphere for the overthrow of the anti-people BJP regime.