KARNATAKA: CPI(M) Holds Political Convention in Bagepalli

BAGEPALLI town was painted Red. Everywhere, one could see red flags. A huge rally of over 25,000 people moved across the streets and marched to the Stadium ground where the political convention was held, as a part of preparations for the upcoming Karnataka assembly elections. This political convention was a culmination of series of political conventions held at gram panchayat level covering all villages, where the problems of people were discussed and listened to.
Famous revolutionary singer Gaddar and a team from Praja Natya Mandali with its impressive performances educated the massive audience. GV Srirama Reddy, CPI(M) state secretary,   addressing the audience spoke about the anti-people policies of the government and urged the people to vote for CPI(M) and reject candidates who represent land, mining and liquor lobbies. Democratic values are getting eroded and elections are losing their democratic essence. Individuals representing various lobbies are dominating legislature and peoples issues and aspirations are neither heard nor represented. He appealed people to rise upto this challenge. He listed the problems facing the area and achievements when CPI(M) represented the constituency.

VJK Nair and S Varalakshmi, senior leaders of CP(M) also addressed the convention. Both emphasised the fact that the BJP government at the centre and the Congress state governments follow the same anti-people, neo-liberal policies and do not bother about people’s problems. It is only the Left that can raise and fight for pro-people policies. Hence it is important to ensure Left representation in legislature. Picchalli Srinivas, renowned dalit singer and a former president of Karnataka Janapada Academy addressed the convention and sang songs.

Earlier, a stupa in memory of a dedicated popular CPI(M) leader Comrade Srinivasa Reddy  was inaugurated at Madapalli by Gaddar in the presence of CPI(M) leaders. 
Bagepalli has been a CPI(M) stronghold as this seat was won by the Party earlier three times. In 2013 assembly elections it was lost narrowly.


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