Stand against violent attack of Karni Sena on school students

THE central executive committee of the Students’ Federation of India (SFI), in a statement issued on January 26, has denounced the attack on a school bus by the Karni Sena on January 24, while they were protesting against the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmaavat’. They hurled stones at the bus, creating panic among the young students. This act is against the law and order. SFI demands immediate strict action against the culprits of this attack.

It was quite shocking to see terrorised children ducking in the bus in the video clip released by various media houses. Many children were heard crying in the footage as their teachers tried to pacify them. One teacher was heard consoling a crying child, while the other was instructing the children to stay low to avoid being hit by stones hurled by Karni Sena.

This is happening when the Supreme Court of India has given decision in favour of the film. This shows that these hooligans are not bothered about the law and do not respect even Supreme Court and are doing hate politics through this controversy. These kinds of incidents which are a direct attack on the right of expression are on increase as they are getting political patronage from the ruling party of the country. When BJP ruling states are putting a ban on screening of film even after the approval of Censor Board, this gives validation of the protests by the groups like Karni Sena. People of Karni, who are destroying communal harmony and public property in the name of fake honour struggle have never agitated when continuous news of rape and murder are coming from Haryana in the last two weeks. It looks that their honour and sentiments are only related to past which is a source of politics for them but they are not affected by the present attack against women’s life and dignity, the statement said.

SFI demands strict action by the law enforcement machinery and appeals to all the progressive people and students of the country to stand against these violent politically motivated goons.


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