Vol. XLII No. 05 February 04, 2018

Goa Organising Committee Holds 17th Conference

THE 17th Conference of the Goa Organising Committee of the CPI(M) was held at Comrade Thalmann Pereira Nagar, Vasco on January 27,  the conference venue being named after the Goa party’s former organising secretary, whose untimely death last year has left a big void . At 11 am, the Party flag was hoisted by Anand Betkikar, the senior most member of the Party in Goa. Twenty eight delegates attended the conference mainly from the trade union front, kisan front, and lawyers organisation.

The condolence resolution was placed by Naresh Shigaonkar.

In his inaugural speech, Vivek Monteiro stated that the BJP winning an absolute majority in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, has created an extremely dangerous situation for the country. The Modi government has embarked on an aggressive acceleration of neoliberal economic policies and systematic promotion of the divisive and communal agenda of the RSS. It is actively seeking to become junior partner to American imperialism. It is shamelessly promoting the interests of big capital and is handing over the important natural resources and public sector assets of the nation to big corporate capitalists like Ambani and Adani. It has launched all-round attack on all the hard won rights of the working people, especially the workers and the farmers. It is actively fanning communalism and vigilante violence by promoting and giving State patronage to fanatic organisations acting in the name of Hindutva.  Under BJP led governments at the centre and in many states, attacks against minorities, dalits and women have increased. It is becoming increasingly authoritarian.  At the same time there is a growing resistance from workers, farmers, and other democratic sections, which is also reflected in the declining electoral support for the BJP in recent elections in Gujarat, local body elections in UP, and even in Goa. He outlined and reiterated the tasks before the Party as set out by the 21st Congress and the Party’s organisational plenum.

The political–organisational report was placed by Victor Savio Braganca, who was recently inducted into the state organising committee and elected as its secretary in December 2017. The report was brief and to the point. It discussed the active role played by the Party in the democratic struggles of slum dwellers of Baina against demolition, street vendors of Ponda against eviction and imposition of high charges, farmers of Mayem for compensation due to degradation of their lands by mining rejects, anti-communal demonstration at Ramnathi against terrorism in the name of Hindutva, protection of nomadic tribes etc.  But this was not converted into organisational gains except in the case of the Kisan struggle. The report took a self critical view of the stagnation in the trade union front due to ban on mining and resultant closures. It noted that there were no women members in the Goa Party at present. It discussed the political situation in Goa. Though people had voted to defeat the BJP, a BJP led coalition government was formed in Goa after the elections due to money power and disarray in the Congress party. The report outlined tasks before the Goa Party in the light of the decisions of the Kolkata Party plenum, also setting modest organisational targets.

Eight delegates took part in the discussion on the secretary’s report. Suggestions were made about the need to work among new sections like unorganised sector, intellectuals and middle class in Goa, and to pay more attention to mass front work. It was decided to hold Party camps regularly, with a target of one every two months. It was decided to make a review of implementation of decisions after one year.

The conference unanimously elected a 15 member state organising committee, which elected Victor Savio Braganca as its secretary.