Vol. XLII No. 04 January 28, 2018

DELHI: CPI(M) Condemns ECI Decision

THE Delhi state committee of CPI(M), in a statement issued on January 20, has strongly condemned the decision of the Election Commission of disqualifying 20 AAP MLA’s on the issue of “office of profit” and sent for the approval to the President office. The decision is unfortunate and has never happened in the electoral history of India. Several such cases from the state of Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are pending before the ECI but the commission has not shown any interest to resolve these matters in the above mentioned cases. Why? Because these cases belong to BJP ruled states. This hurriedly taken decision is nothing but a political gimmick to appease the political masters at the centre. The decision to disqualify AAP MLA’s puts the ECI under suspicion. The decision is taken at a time when the chief election commissioner is set to retire the very next day. This unilateral decision brings ECI under the suspicion of working under pressure from the ruling party of India.

The working of ECI is under suspicion from a long time. Be it the announcement of Gujarat elections or issue of “office of profit”, the ECI is working selectively. Therefore, disqualifying elected MLA’s without they committing any serious crime is plainly an attack on democracy. It would be seen as ‘murder of democracy’ in the electoral history of India.

The need of the hour is to redefine the “office of profit’ and decisions in this regard should be taken accordingly. Therefore, the decision of the ECI would be seen as political discrimination against the democratically elected government – a government which is not allowed to function democratically and always faces interventions from the LG office appointed by the central government.

CPI(M) Delhi state committee appeals to all political parties and organisations to raise their voices to save constitutional bodies from political interference and work for implementation of ‘one law-one rule for all’, as regards to “office of profit” issue.

CPI(M) also demands from the ECI to tack back its undemocratic decision and allow elected MLA’s to perform their constitutional duty to serve the people without any pressure and politics.