THE All India   Lawyers   Union   (AILU) in a statement issued on January 12 has said that the press conference by four senior most judges of the Supreme Court and the issues raised by them in their press meet and the letter addressed by them and issued to the press, is unprecedented and disturbing for the justice delivery system. It is a wakeup call for improving the functioning of the Apex Court and the judiciary as a whole. 

The statement of four senior judges that the rules necessary to maintain the integrity of the institution ie, the Supreme court and the judiciary are not being adhered to, is a serious matter that concerns the entire nation and therefore calls for introspection by the chief justice of India who is the head of the institution and has the responsibility to maintain the same.

Another important aspect of the statement is that integrity and independence of the judiciary is necessary for the protection of democracy. Being the conscience keeper of the constitution, the Supreme Court has constitutional responsibility to preserve the integrity and independence of the judiciary at this moment when the executive is going authoritarian day-by-day.

All India Lawyers Union is of the firm opinion that to keep up the faith of the people in the judiciary, the chief justice of India should have taken his senior colleagues into confidence.

All India Lawyers Union demands establishment of independent National Judicial Commission to look after the appointments and conduct of judges to avoid these sorts of undesirable instances.

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