CPI(M) Remembers Nalua Martyrs

A huge rally was organised by the CPI(M) at Nalua, under Hrishyamukh assembly constituency of Belonia, in Tripura on December 22 to remember the four martyrs of Nalua. Comrades Niresh Debnath, Manik Nama, Sushil Mahajan and Swapan Debnath were brutally murdered on  December 22, 1989 during the semi fascist Congress TUJS regime. Their bodies were brutality chopped off and buried.  Three bodies were recovered few days later. The then chief minister Sudhir Majumdar was holding a meeting in the same area. However the skeleton of Comrade Sushil Mahajan was recovered only in 1993. Every year, CPI(M) remembers these brave martyrs who chose to sacrifice their lives rather than bowing down to enemies. This year marks the 29th year of their martyrdom. The huge mass meeting was addressed by Polit Bureau member Manik Sarkar, Central Committee member Badal Choudhury and others. 

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