Vol. XLI No. 47 November 19, 2017

Tripura Observes Centenary of October Revolution

THE centenary of October Revolution was observed through impressive programmes all over Tripura on November 7. All the party offices right from state committee, district committees, sub-divisional committees and local committee offices were attractively decorated and illuminated in the evening. To mark the centenary, one hundred red flags raised high on top of every Party and TU office. The main flag was hoisted in the morning by the Party leaders in presence of hundreds of Party workers and supporters, followed by paying floral tribute to the portraits of Karl Marx, Fredrick Engles, VI Lenin and J Stalin. In the afternoon in all the sub-divisional headquarters, there were hall meetings where Party leaders, mostly state secretariat members explained the importance and lessons of the October Revolution. The leaders in their deliberations refuted those who advocate irrelevancy of October Revolution in the present day world situation. In some sub-divisions, there were impressive processions after hall meetings.

Daily Desher Katha, organ of the state committee brought out special October Revolution issue on the day. The issue carried articles of Polit Bureau members, state secretariat members on October Revolution. There were demands of about one lakh extra copies of the special issue in addition to the regular circulation. Party members and workers sold copies of the special issue going door-to-door in a festive manner.

On November 7 afternoon, a massive rally was held at the joint call of Sadar and Dukli sub-divisional committees in front of Rabindra Shatabarshiki Bhavan in Agartala. The rally presided over by Central Committee member Gautam Das was addressed by the Polit Bureau Member Manik Sarkar who in his speech, refuted the imperialist propaganda that the October Revolution was nothing but a coup of the Russian Army. Socialism, which was an imagination at one time, was established in reality by the October Revolution. This was made possible by the Bolsheviks under the leadership of VI Lenin. Socialism is a system where there is no exploitation of man by man, no unemployment, no illiteracy, no gender discrimination. There is no inequality on language and cultural consideration. In socialism, there is democracy in the truest sense and the people enjoy real state power, said Manik Sarkar and continued, though Soviet union is dismantled, its great achievements and contributions to working class movement all over the world cannot be erased from the world history.

Manik Sarkar explained the influence of October Revolution in our country, formation of Communist Party in India which had an important role in freedom movement. Coming to the national situation of the country, Manik Sarkar said, for the last three years, a communal force like BJP-RSS has been ruling the country. On the one hand, they are taking one after another anti-people policies in favour of imperialism, and on the other, they are dividing the people on religious lines to protect themselves from the rage of popular anger. They are doing same thing in Tripura also. In the warmth of the October Revolution, Tripura people shall frustrate all machinations hatched by the communal forces and re-elect the Left Front for the eighth term in the next assembly elections, Manik Sarkar concluded.