Vol. XLI No. 45 November 05, 2017

Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar Andolan Stages Protests

THE Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar Andolan, a national platform of mass, class and social organisations, movements and progressive individuals, organised marches across the country on October 30 to defend the democratic fabric of the country and for the rights of the people.

The nationwide protest, ‘Jan Ekta Mashaal’ (Torchlight of People's Unity), was in support of the growing struggles of different sections of the people against the neo-liberal imperialist economic policies of globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation and the communal, divisive politics of hate and violence.

According to a statement issued by Hannan Mollah for the coordination committee of the platform, the participants pledged to isolate the communal forces and unite against the neo-liberal policies that have brought the country into deeper economic crisis under the present BJP-led NDA government.

The campaign aimed at ‘People’s Unity, People’s Rights, People’s Resistance- Jan Ekta, Jan Adhikar, Jan Pratirodh’ and advancing towards building political alternative at the all-India level comprising the entire toiling people of the country against the RSS-BJP combine and the NDA government that represent the interests of big capital and landlords and are succumbing to the pressure of multinational corporate firms.

The body has also extended support to the three-day mass relay dharna before Parliament by the central trade unions and federations onNovember 9-11, and the march to Parliament by peasant organisations on November 20.