Vol. XLI No. 44 October 29, 2017

RAJASTHAN GAG BILL DEFERRED: DUJ, NAJ, Lawyers Union Hail Victory of Democratic Forces

THE Delhi Union of Journalists(DUJ) , the National Alliance of Journalists and All India Lawyer’s Union have, in a statement issued on October 24, congratulated the democratic opinion that demanded that the Criminal Laws (Rajasthan Amendment) Ordinance 2017 placed by BJP government in Rajasthan assembly for converting it into a statute should be withdrawn lock-stock and barrel. A small beginning has been made by its deferment they said. Continued vigilance is the need of the hour as other cases of brow beating the media remain, they added.

The bill in their opinion was tantamount to gagging the media and saving corrupt elected representatives who are held to be the public servants. A key purpose of the law seemed to be to save corrupt politicians and corrupt bureaucrats connected with the ruling party in the state. The legislation following curbs on ‘The Wire’ for their reportage of shady business dealings made it all the more sinister and a dangerous portent, the statement added.

The joint statement points out that it is a victory of the democratic forces against forces that sought to stifle democracy and dissent and muzzle the media.