Vol. XLI No. 44 October 29, 2017

Protests against RSS-BJP Terror held in Tripura

Haripada Das

THE people of Tripura rose in loud protest in all parts of the state on October 9 against lumpen politics unleashed by the BJP-RSS and their falsification campaign targeting the CPI(M). They resolved to resist this anti-communist hysteria that had gripped the ruling BJP-RSS duo so terribly that it had lost all sanity to stall functioning of a recognised political party and carry on barbarous attacks on CPI(M) offices in various states of the country.

In all, 205 protest marches were held in the state. In almost every place, the protest marches ended with rallies which were addressed by the Party leaders right from Central Committee members to local leaders. About seventy five thousand people got mobilised in this programme in the whole state.

In one of such rallies in Agartala city, Party Central Committee  member Gautam Das said, although the manner in which the ruling BJP is targeting the CPI(M) is unprecedented, it is not unexpected. CPI(M) has become the target because it is the only party which has been exposing communal politics of the BJP, its betrayal to the people through false promises during elections, its history of deceitful role against the Indian freedom movement, and because of CPI(M)’s projection of an alternative to the neo-liberal economic policies. Adopting a Goebbelsian method of propaganda to annihilate CPI(M), BJP-RSS combine is perpetrating attacks on the party on the one hand, and is resorting to  false campaign that it is being attacked by the CPI(M) on the other, said Gautam Das, and reminded the BJP-RSS duo that CPI(M) holds right to run its office as much as the BJP does.  Unleashing terror against CPI(M), if BJP-RSS thinks that they would get an escape route for their misdeeds and misrule which is causing millions of countrymen to suffer, they are living in a fool’s paradise, Gautam Das concluded.