Vol. XLI No. 42 October 15, 2017

Reservations for Dalit Priests: DSMM Congratulates Kerala Government

IN a letter written to Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala, on October 8,

The Dalit Shoshan Mukthi Manch has congratulated the government of Kerala for appointing priests belonging to dalit and other backward communities to various temples of Kerala. DSMM congratulated the chief minister and the state government for taking this path-breaking initiative, which will serve as a model for the entire country. Nowhere in the country such a radical step has been taken to eradicate the caste system and reduce the discrimination that the dalits face. We are sure that this step will definitely inspire the entire democratic sections in the country and also inspire the movements against caste discrimination, the letter said.

Taking inspiration from this, DSMM would take up this issue at the national level for appointment of dalits and other backward community people as priests all over the country. For that Kerala model will show the way to the entire country, the letter said.