Vol. XLI No. 37 September 10, 2017

Polit Bureau Communique: Growing Resistance and Struggles

CPI(M) Polit Bureau met in New Delhi on September 6-7. It has issued the following statement on September 7.
All the latest data coming in show that the economic slowdown has accelerated after demonetisation and the threat of recession is looming ahead. The estimated GDP growth in the quarter of the current financial year i.e., April to June is 5.7 per cent. The GDP growth rate has fallen four quarters in a row. The index of industrial production for this quarter shows a growth rate of only 1.8 per cent. Exports are stagnant; and the non-performing assets of nationalised banks has increased to Rs 8.26 lakh crores at the end of June 2017 (without adding interest).
The agrarian distress continues to deepen. Unemployment is soaring across all sectors of the economy and the latest data in the services sector show a contraction of economic activity.
The Modi government’s economic policies are proving to be disastrous for the country.
The Polit Bureau noted with appreciation reports about the growing resistance to the neo-liberal economic policies and to the danger from the communal forces to democracy and polity of the country. It heard reports about the mounting struggles by various sections of the people.
The Polit Bureau decided to lend its support and solidarity with the September 18 all India convention being held by mass and class organizations, Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar Andolan, the mobilisation by the youth against unemployment on September 28 and the three-day massive sit in before parliament by central trade unions and federations from November 9-11.
The expectations that Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to the Myanmar capital would take up the issue of Rohingyas was belied.
Unfortunately, the issue affecting lakhs of people in Myanmar who in the face of widespread attacks in their country have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh and India in their thousands did not find place in the talks between the Indian prime minister and the Myanmar leaders.
The government of India must treat this as a humanitarian issue and immediately take this up with the governments of Burma and Bangladesh to resolve this issue. Those Rohingyas who have crossed over to India should be treated as refugees and not pushed back or deported. The matter should be taken up with the United Nations Human Rights Commission and the International Red Cross and the issue should be raised in other international fora as well.
There have been widespread protests in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere against the NEET examinations. Following the unfortunate death of an aspiring student, Anitha in Tamil Nadu, protests have escalated in the state.
Given the opposition to this mode of entrance tests from some states, especially from Tamil Nadu which is seeking exemption, the central government should consider the opinion of the Tamil Nadu people.
The Polit Bureau would propose to the next Central Committee to hold the 22nd Party Congress at Hyderabad from April 18-22, 2018. The preparation of the documents and the agenda to be considered at the Congress has begun.