Vol. XLI No. 30 July 23, 2017

West Bengal: Another Round of Study Circle

From Our Special Correspondent

A TWO day study circle on Party Constitution and Organisation will be organiSed in West Bengal on August 5-6. All CPI(M) branches will hold this study circle on those two days throughout the state. This will be a follow up to the first of this kind held on March 19, on Party Programme. The unique experiment in March created an enthusiasm among the Party cadres and there was a demand for more such initiatives at Party education.

In West Bengal, the birth anniversary of Muzaffar Ahmad is celebrated on August 5. This is a tradition emanating out of the ideological struggle in the Communist movement. This year it will be held, apart from public meetings, through study circles.

CPI(M) West Bengal state committee has seriously taken the task of quality development of Party members and activists. Party classes on various issues are taking place, as also training of more and more equipped teachers. Study circles are intensive and more close to the heart form of continuing education.

The topic of Party Constitution and Organisation has been selected because without knowing the structure, working pattern and basic rules of Party organisation, no Communist can develop oneself. This is a fundamental pre-requisite for an able and lively functioning of the Party. Organisation of Communist Party is based on scientific understanding of the society and relationship among people. The task is to apply Marxism-Leninism to the concrete situation of our country. Party members should thoroughly imbibe the methods through which this task is done in all weathers – favourable or adverse. With this aim in mind the subject has been selected.

Another related aspect is to know the organisational line of the Party, particularly that of the concept of revolutionary party with a mass line. The tasks set out by Party’s all India plenum and state plenum will be discussed in the study circle.

A note has been prepared and workshops at district levels have been organised to prepare the initiators. The idea is that these initiators will place the subject matter within 50 minutes and then a free and frank discussion will follow up. All kinds of questions will be exchanged in this discussion, in full democratic spirit. All Party members and AG members will be present in these study circles. The instruction is to complete the study circle approximately within three and half hours. If there are questions which the initiators are unable to answer, then and there the study circle will be followed up by meetings. The leadership at every level will monitor the situation.