Vol. XLI No. 27 July 02, 2017

KERALA: BJP Leader Arrested for Making Fake Currencies

NS Sajith

IN an incident which rips apart the BJP’s stand on black money and fake currencies, a prominent BJP leader in Thrissur district has been arrested by Kerala Police, on June 22, for making fake currencies. Fake currencies of Rs 1.37 lakhs and materials for making fake currencies were also seized from the residence of Rakesh Erasseri, leader of BJP and Bhartiya Yuva Morcha in Mathilakam near Kodungallur. The seized materials are fake currency machines, ink, papers, colour printer and a computer. Rakesh’s brother Rajeev who is also an active BJP worker is now absconding. Seized currencies were in the denominations of Rs 2000 and Rs 500. 

An interesting fact is that Rakesh and Rajeev duo were the major organisers of the BJP’s campaign jatha against fake currency and black money. The jatha was held during the time of demonetisation and it was led by BJP state general secretary, Shobha Surendran. Rajeev’s photos were also printed on the posters of this campaign. 

A room on the upstairs of his home was used for minting fake currencies. Fake currencies of Rs 50 and Rs 20 were also seized by the police. The police said that the amount and volume of the money they have printed and circulated is yet to be traced. Cyber sell of the Kerala Police and some bank officers assisted the police team to confirm the invalidity of the currencies.

BJP district leaders announced that these brothers are expelled from the party. But it is a known fact that the fake currencies were used to attract youth to the BJP and for organising mass crimes. BJP leadership concentrates on spreading intolerance towards other religions, in this area. Recently prominent film maker and chairman of Kerala Chalachitra Academy who belongs to Kodungallur was also abused by BJP activists.