Vol. XLI No. 26 June 25, 2017

TAMIL NADU: CPI(M) Condemns Petrol Bomb Attack on Party Office at Coimbatore

THERE was a petrol bomb attack on the district committee office at Coimbatore on June 16th morning. Party office car and windows of the office were damaged in this attack. CPI(M) state secretariat has strongly condemned the attack on Coimbatore district committee office.

CPI(M) Party offices are functioning to solve the problems faced by the working people. In the past, whenever Coimbatore was affected by communal violence, the Party played a key role in safeguarding people’s unity and communal harmony. It is a matter of grave concern that the forces which disturb people’s unity and peace, are growing in this area. Recently in Kanyakumari district too, our Party office was attacked and the flag mast was broken.

CPI(M) state secretariat demands that the culprits who attacked the Party office in the early hours on June 16, should be arrested forthwith and legal action taken against them. It also notes  that recently such violent activities are rising and demands that the police should take stern action to end the violence.

CPI(M)  appeals to the democratic movements in Tamil Nadu to raise their voices against these violent attacks.