Stop Targetting of NDTV

THE Delhi Union of Journalists, in a statement  issued on June 5  has expressed serious concern at the CBI raids on the homes of Prannoy Roy, executive chairperson of NDTV, ostensibly for defaulting on a bank loan.

We note that the raids come directly after a primetime spat between NDTV executive editor Nidhi Razdan and BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra. Patra had accused the channel of being biased in its coverage and having an ‘agenda’. Razdan had objected strongly, telling him he could leave the show if he wished.  

The present raid and the filing of a case against  Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy smacks of vindictiveness.  NDTV has been in financial trouble for several years now but it continues to be the most independent TV channel in the country.

THE Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust, in a statement issued on June 6, has unequivocally condemned the totally unwarranted CBI raids on the media group NDTV. While maintaining that all due procedures should be followed in cases of private complaints, SAHMAT felt that searches even without a preliminary enquiry, as stated by NDTV, is nothing but an intimidatory tactic. By attacking the media, the present government is undermining freedom of the press, so essential for a democratic polity, it said.

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