Vol. XLI No. 20 May 14, 2017
KERALA: Centenary of October Revolution Observed with Fervour

NS Sajith

A VIBRANT march of red volunteers was organised in Kollam city observing the centenary of the Great October Revolution. 140 platoons from 140 local committees marched to the city. Around 5000 volunteers participated in the march which began from the QAC grounds. It culminated into a massive rally at Asramam Maidan. CPI(M) general Secretary Sitaram Yechury along with state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan received salute from the volunteers.

The rally was inaugurated by Sitaram Yechury. CPI(M) district secretary KN Balagopal presided over the function. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Polit Bureau member MA Baby, organising committee chairman K Varadarajan and convener X Earnest addressed the gathering.

Speaking at the rally, Yechury said, October Revolution demonstrated to the world for the first time that it was possible to create a society without exploitation and oppression. The October Revolution also played a big role in the defeat of the fascists in the Second World War. It was this victory that gave the impetus even in India for the liberation from colonialism, he said.

Talking about the situation in India, Yechury said that the BJP government under Narendra Modi’s leadership has turned India into a subordinate partner of United States of America. India’s foreign policy has now became pro-US, he said. Modi government pursues a four cornered policy which is generally termed as anti- national and anti-people. Anti-people economic policies, communalism which is based on Hindutva ideology, pro-imperialistic foreign policy, and deactivated parliamentary system are the four cornered policies pursued by Modi led BJP government. The policy to neutralise parliamentary system has been toughened after the BJP’s victory in Uttar Pradesh. Sangh parivar believes that the whole country is wrested by them. But it is a mirage, he said.

There is an attempt to destabilise the LDF government in Kerala. RSS led attacks against CPI(M) are a part of this attempt. Kerala will not allow the reactionary forces to rule the roost, he said. LDF government is the choice of the people, he said and added “if the reactionary forces want to defeat the choice of the people through violence, we will defeat those moves through democratic methods.”