Vol. XLI No. 02 January 08, 2017

AIDWA Holds Demonstration at RBI

AIDWA, Delhi state committee held a demonstration outside RBI on January 5, to protest against its refusal to exchange old notes in spite of their own assurance and the government notification in this regard.

People have been queuing up at different offices of Reserve Bank of India only to face refusal from the apex bank. Right in the capital yesterday a poor domestic worker was not only refused by RBI but was forcefully removed from the RBI entrance by the police. Another person who discovered old notes after his wife's death was also sent back empty handed.

That exchange would continue at RBI up to March 31, 2017 was announced by RBI on the day the prime minister announced demonetisation and later by none other than the PM himself.

AIDWA activists had just about assembled at the office of RBI Delhi when they were arrested and brought to Parliament Street Police Station. AIDWA demanded that the RBI should honour official notification and continue the exchange of old notes up to March 31; ensure regular supply of the currently legal currency in ATMs and also have mobile ATMs in bastis to provide a little relief to people.