Vol. XL No. 39 September 25, 2016

A Report on RSS Attacks on CPI(M) in Kerala

SINCE the assembly elections in Kerala and the LDF government being formed, there has been a spate of attacks against the CPI(M) and the LDF by the RSS-BJP workers in the state.  A report listing all these attacks is given below.



Comrade C V Raveendran was assassinated by RSS criminals while he was participating in the victory demonstration in Dharmadam constituency. In Kanhangad even E Chandrasekharan, CPI Leader and MLA was manhandled and he was seriously injured on his right hand.

RSS persons of Venduttayi area attacked the victory rally at Kadiyanmukku of Pinarayi in Dharmadam constituency. Volunteers attending the rally in a vehicle were attacked and Com C V Raveendran was thrown out from the vehicle on the crash of pickup van and was brutally killed as he was run  over by the vehicle. A six year old boy was also in the vehicle. Nine persons were injured in this attack.

On May 20, the house of Sureshbabu, secretary of Kannavam–Velumbathu Party branch and on May 21 the house of C V Dhanaraj, Party worker of Kunnaru were also attacked. Later Com C V Dhanraj was assassinated by the RSS goons.

On May 27, Comrade Sasikumar of Engandiyur of Nattika area was stabbed to death by RSS goondas.

On August 13, Com Sureshkumar T was attacked by the RSS people by hitting him with a vehicle. When he held on to the canal, they stabbed him with knife and he died. This murder occurred at Neyyattinkara.




More than 14 Party offices at various levels in Kerala were attacked by the RSS goons after the elections. The details are given below:-

The Party office at Cheruvancherry was attacked on May 17 and the signboard was also taken out by them. It has to be noted that it was for the 30th time that they attacked this particular Party office at Cheruvancherry. Party office at Mattady of Maruthai was completely destroyed.

On June 14, one Party office and reading room in Anjarakandi was damaged using black oil.

AKG Smaraka Mandiram at Vadakara was burnt to fire and Premachandran Smaraka Bus stand was attacked and destroyed.

In Elathoor Pramba Bazar, the Party office at Nambiyattu Thazhathu was burnt to fire.

On May 20, Party local committee office at Edavilang was attacked and put to fire by the BJP workers. CITU office was also dismantled.

The Kuniyara Sasidharan Memorial waiting shed at Poklayi of Mathilakam was destroyed. Kuzhoor local committee office of the Party at Kodungalloor and Anappara branch office under Astamichira local committee were destroyed. Flag posts were destroyed at various places.

After the by-election to municipal corporation in Pappanamcode ward, the fourth number booth committee office was burnt by the BJP.

Thycaud local committee office in Palayam area was also attacked by them and the flag post was destroyed. There were attacks against Kunnathukal local committee office at Thopil at Kilimanoor panchayat.

Local committee office at Valiyasala ward and Party branch office were destroyed.

In Pathanapuram area, tensions rose on destroying the flagpost at Pattazhi North local committee area office.

At Ayivarkala local committee of Kunnathoor area, our flag post was destroyed by them and our Party local committee office was attacked.

On September 4 at Alakkad, Naduvilil branch office of the Party was attacked.

Party Koothuparaba local committee office was damaged.




More than 210 comrades working at various levels in Kerala were attacked by the RSS goons after the elections. Details are given below:-

In Mavungal of Kanhangad, E Chandrasekharan, LDF MLA of Hosdurg was attacked in the victory rally and he was seriously injured on the right hand. Our Party leaders, A K Narayanan, T K Ravi, CPI leader K V Krishanan were also injured. Six houses in the district were destroyed due to RSS attacks. In various places, attacks continued and about 15 of our comrades were injured. One KSRTC bus on Kasaragode-Kannur route was also destroyed due to throwing of stones.

In Neerveli near Koothuparamba, the house of Saseendran, a hotel employee was attacked and his wife Savithri and children Aromal and Athul were badly manhandled. Two legs of Athul were seriously injured and he was admitted for treatment at a private hospital in Mangalore, whereas Savithri and Aromal were admitted for treatment at AKG Hospital in Kannur.

On the day of elections, at Thokkilangadi, the house of local committee member, V Rajeevan was attacked and its window glasses were broken. Shyja, wife of V Rajeevan who runs a Deshabhimani agency was threatened and asked by the RSS goons not to subscribe Deshabhimani daily hereafter.

About 40 Party workers in the district were hospitalised due to the attacks on them by the RSS goons. In Kartta of Koothuparamba, the victory rally was attacked and Shibinjith was hospitalised.

In Chavassery, a bomb was thrown on a victory rally and the vehicle was damaged.

In Cheengakudam also, three persons were injured due to the attack on the victory rally and they were hospitalised.

In Nuchiyad of Ulikkal, three persons were injured and hospitalised at AKG Hospital in Kannur.

 In Kanjirapoyil, C P Rasheed was hospitalised due to injuries.

Com.Sreelesh of Azhikkal New Mahe was also injured and hospitalized.

In KC Mukku of  Panoor Kuttiyeri, two persons were injured and hospitalised. Four persons were injured and hospitalised as the victory rally   held at Kunnothuparaba, was attacked. Nithin, DYFI worker was manhandled at Mayyil and the houses of K Sreedharan and Prabhakaran at Mundery Padangod were attacked.

A Party member and auto-rickshaw worker P Surendran was dragged out from his house and was manhandled and is on treatment at Payyannoor Co-operative Hospital.

Baison, Kiran of Elayavoor were beaten and got hospitalised at AKG Hospital in Kannur.

In Manantheri of Mattannoor, Sureshbabu, Remesan, Purushothaman, Vijesh were attacked on April 16 while they were erecting boards in connection with elections.

On July 7, Lijith was severely attacked at Illathuthazha by the RSS goons and he was hospitalised at Thalassery Co-operative Hospital since he received injuries on his head.

Three Party workers of Pattiyam-Muthiyanga area were attacked on August 4 while they were returning after a marriage function at Valliayi of Mokeri.

The household articles of Sreejith were thrown out from the shed where he was temporarily staying, since his house was under repair.

On Poiloor in the well of Vinod who joined our Party after quitting from the BJP, human waste was thrown by them. His wife Vichithra was severely attacked and was hospitalised. Prior to this incident, there were threats against him.

On September 2, a ten-year old boy Devanad of Hindu Aikyavedi leader Chandran of Panoor Chendayad was injured, while removing bombs kept at his house.

RSS workers attempted to kill Party branch secretary Sureshbabu on August 24 at Pullanjode of Kakkayangad, while he was returning home after a Party programme.

The Ayothunjal Party branch office was tarnished with black oil on August 11th morning at 1.00 am and the Party flag was torn.

On September 3, at 7.30 pm there was an attempt to kill Jijo when he was travelling in a car in Kanderinhalil of Thillankeri, by throwing a bomb on his car. He was seriously injured and admitted at  Pariyaram Medical College.

Arjun Mohan, an SFI worker was attacked at his house on August 20 in Mattannur.

Abdul Razak was seriously injured on September 2 while he was removing grass using a machine, as the bomb kept in the land by the RSS goons blasted.

At Munderi, the glass windows and doors of the house of P Chandran, Party Kannur area committee member was completely damaged and it became useless to stay due to the attack with bomb on his house at midnight on June 28. His wife was seriously injured and admitted to hospital. His granddaughter escaped miraculously.

There is a criminal case in Peringom police station against RSS goons Biju and his allies for threatening to kill Party member Harish in his house at Alakkad, of Kankol East local.

Party Alakkad Kalari branch secretary of Kankol East local committee, N E Rajesh was beaten by RSS goondas, Biju, Gopi and Damodaran.

A wreath was placed in the house of Sivanandan, Party Kuttiyattoor local committee member. Bomb was thrown on the house of V Rajeevan, Party Koothuparamba West local committee member in the night of September 3.

On the same day, the U Kunjiraman Memorial at Kaitheri Edam was attacked and destroyed. They trespassed the house of A Asokan and used abusive language against him. Amar Jose, Shikil and Jithesh were attacked at Valliayi. Rejani and Sajith were attacked in their house and they are still under treatment. Jayan C H was attacked. Adarsh was assaulted while he was returning from Kaitheri after a Party programme.

On September 7 bombs were seized from the RSS centre at Pallikkunnam. Similarly on September 9, huge collections of weapons were obtained from RSS centres at Keecherikunnil at Pappinissery.

In Azhiyoor (near Vadakara) near the cashew factory, the victory rally of LDF was attacked and ten volunteers sustained injuries.

House of one CITU leader of Koilandi Peruvattoor was attacked and a loss worth Rupees two lakhs was incurred. The house of V M Manoj was destroyed as a result of bomb throwing. About 25 Party workers of the district were injured in these attacks.

 In Paroppady of Kozhikkode, DYFI flagpost was destroyed and DYFI workers were attacked.

In Nettur of Kunnumal area, victory rally of the Party was attacked by the RSS and three persons were seriously injured.

In Maruthumkara local committee also, there was tensions created by the RSS as we held a victory rally. Six flagposts were destroyed. There was stone throwing in Perambra area. Sasi, Party worker was attacked by the RSS goons and his one eye was destroyed in the attack.

One Party worker of Vettom panchayat, Tirur while returning from a cinema hall was seriously injured in an attack. He was beaten with a board fixed with nails and he was hospitalised.

In Chirakkal of Thanoor, the LDF rally was attacked by throwing stones at workers and the procession at Ozhur was obstructed and attacked. In Parappanagadi and Tirurangadi, Party procession was obstructed by the RSS workers.

On May 19 at Kaipamangalam, the victory rally of the LDF from Onapramba of Pernjanam to Durga Nagar was attacked by the RSS workers and five persons were injured.

The houses of Party Edavilangad local committee member and grama panchayat member A P Adarsh, Padiyath Ibrahim and Mangra Sudheesh were attacked and damaged. In this attack Fouizia, daughter of Ibrahim was injured.

The house of Kulangara Sidharth of West Vemballoor was also attacked and destroyed.

The motorbike of Chittappurath Velayudhan, the auto rickshaw of M Shaji were destroyed.

The shop belonging to a Party worker at Vellangaloor was dismantled.

The house of C K Thilakan, Party member and Annalloor Service Co-operative bank president was damaged in stone throwing. About ten Party workers were injured due to the attack of the RSS goons in various localities in Thrissur district.

Two goons of RSS trespassed in the house of one DYFI comrade at Kuttichira of Chalakkudi and threatened him with a pistol. On seeing this, his mother fell unconscious and got injuries.

In Padiyoor of Irinjalakkuda, one Party member while returning home was obstructed on the way and he was stabbed by the RSS criminals.   

Five comrades participating in a rally in Kanjiram Malarikkal of Ettumanoor constituency were seriously injured due to the attack by BDJS workers with swordsticks.

Party workers were attacked by the RSS goons and Midhun got serious head injuries. In this incident, Prasenan (toddy worker )got serious injuries on hand.

The house of Swathy, Party Valamangalam branch secretary of Aroor constituency was destroyed.

Viji Pattassery of sixth ward of Thuravoor local committee was attacked.

P R Ramesan, member of Mararikkulam South panchayat was attacked. He was seriously injured and was under treatment at Chettikkad hospital.

The grocery shop of Nishanth, local committee member of Mararikkulam was also destroyed at Nethaji junction.

The houses of Chellappan, Manoj Krishna, Navas at Netaji junction were also destroyed. The household articles including TV set were also destroyed. Deshabhimani reading room at Kannarakkad was destroyed.

Various houses at Ambalakulangara, Netaji were also destroyed in the attacks. The victory rally of Party workers at Edathwa, Kodupunna was also attacked and Anurag, DYFI block joint secretary was seriously injured and he was under treatment at a hospital.

In Kochuthura Colony of Edathuwa also, seven houses were attacked and our comrades got injured.

In Thakazhy and Chambakkulam, there were RSS attacks on houses of Party workers.

In Kayamkulam and Charumoodu, the banners and flexboards erected by our Party were widely destroyed.

In Pappanamcode and Karakkamandapam of Nemom, widespread attacks were unleashed by the RSS goons on our election committee officers and Party workers.

 The election committee offices at Madavoor of Varkala were attacked and the board erected by us was destroyed. Two comrades suffered injuries and were hospitalised at Manchavilakm of Parassala due to the attack of the BJP goons. Women participating in a family get-together in Kizhakkevila were threatened.

In Cheruvaikkal local committee, there was tension with the RSS in Chamavila and our flagpost was destroyed by them.

Four persons were injured in Plachivila Colony in Pallickal panchayat. Two workers were stabbed.

There was an attack in Chavadinada of Venganoor and several persons got injuries. There was tension in Thiruvallam since the signboards were destroyed.

About 50 workers of the Party and the DYFI suffered injuries as tensions prevailed with RSS in Valiyasala, Aranoor, Kalady, Attukal, Poojappura, Karamana, Sreevaraham and Ambalathara.

40 flagposts and two martyrs columns were destroyed.

The car of Shabeer, DYFI leader was destroyed at Kalippankulam.

The house of Midhun, SFI area committee member was attacked. Including the house of Santhoshkumar, Party local committee member of Valiyasala, seven houses were attacked. All the household articles were destroyed using weapons. Doors of houses were forcibly opened and women were threatened. Continuous threats from the RSS-BJP against our comrades still continue.

In Parumala and Malayalpuzha, tensions are there with RSS workers.

 Our Party workers were attacked by them. In Poonthula local committee also, on the Sreekrishna Jayanthi day there were attacks on our Party workers from the RSS.

In Suranad North, our women comrades  were attacked by the RSS and there is a case in Sooranad Police Station against them.

In Thodiyoor and Alappad local committees also, there are cases against the RSS-BJP workers for political vengeance. Four party workers were injured in the RSS attacks after tensions in connection with destroying our flagpost.  

The son of the brother of Martyr Sheenkutty got injuries after the RSS criminals entered his house and stabbed him.

Our comrades were attacked at Velliman Junction. The house of Sivan was trespassed and he was also assaulted.

The house of Leela, Party member of Perinad was also attacked three times.

The house of Manoj, Party Perinad local committee secretary was attacked.

The vehicle of Kozhiyam LDF panchayat candidate was was damaged after trespassing his house.

In Kottiyam area committee, on September 12 about one acre of organic vegetable farm was destroyed by the RSS goons.