June 05, 2016

DSMM Protests against Attack on Dalit Groom by Casteist forces

Nathu Prasad

THE Delhi-NCR committee of Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch (DSMM) organised a protest demonstration at Haryana Bhawan on May 27, against the shameful incident in Bhusthala village of Kurukshetra district where a dalit groom was attacked by the upper caste men for the crime of daring to ride a horse-drawn carriage in his wedding. The groom’s procession was attacked in spite of the police presence. Numerous dalit families have had to face such attacks in the past few years due to the casteist, feudal mentality. The failure of the state government and the administration in booking the culprits in such cases has emboldened the casteist forces in the state, which has pushed dalit families to a condition of perpetual insecurity. A memorandum was submitted to the resident commissioner demanding strict action against the culprits as per the relevant sections of the Schedule Castes Act and to provide relief to the aggrieved family.