May 29, 2016

CITU Condemns Brutal Attacks in West Bengal

THE Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), in a statement issued on May 24, has strongly condemned the brutal and barbarous mass scale attacks on the people in West Bengal, unleashed by the Trinamul Congress after the announcement of the results of the assembly election. TMC goons have been unleashing violent attacks on the democratic organisations and the leaders and cadres of the working class movement, during the last few years. Now, in the post-election situation, the TMC party is unleashing horrific violent attacks on the toiling people. Offices of the CITU and other trade unions and mass organisations are either being taken over by force or are being looted. Leaders and cadres of opposition political parties and even ordinary people who are supporters of the Left Front and others who are opposed to the TMC, are being targeted. Houses are being looted, burnt and murderous attacks are unleashed. Inhuman attacks are being carried out especially against women who dared to oppose the TMC in the democratic process. Large number of people including women and children have been seriously injured and hospitalised. CITU condemns these attacks going on in West Bengal, orchestrated by the ruling party in the state. The CITU strongly believes that such attacks on the toiling people and working class must be fought tooth and nail. Default in fighting theses menaces is bound to harm the class oriented trade union movement in particular and the democratic movement in general in the country as a whole. Therefore the CITU calls upon all its affiliates all over the country and appeals to all other democratic sections of the society to raise their voice of protest against this violence and organise solidarity actions through mobilising public opinion and organising propaganda and agitation to demonstrate action oriented solidarity with the people and working class of West Bengal.